Expert claims that iPhone 6 sapphire crystal rumors are likely true

iPhone 6 sapphire glass panel

The Guardian has learned from an expert in materials that, as the rumor mill has suggested for months, the next-generation iPhone 6 could have a sapphire crystal display. The super-hard glass would be more scratch-resistant than Corning’s Gorilla Glass used in current iPhone models, potentially making the next-generation iPhone much more durable. 

Professor Neil Alford of the department of materials at Imperial College in London recently spoke with the British publication about Apple’s sapphire crystal initiatives:

“I think Apple have been quite cunning. What I think they’ve done is make a screen out of sapphire, which is incredibly scratch resistant, incredibly hard and has a high elastic modulus – meaning it’s very stiff,” Alford told The Guardian. “I remember the Apple folk coming to speak to me about 18 months ago to discuss sapphire screens,” he added. “They’ve obviously been busy since then, working with a sapphire manufacturer.”

Apple already uses sapphire crystal glass for its rear-facing iSight camera and Touch ID fingerprint scanner, so expanding the material to cover the display makes sense. According to the report, a sapphire crystal display would be more resistant to cracking or shattering and optically clear. Apple has been working hard to integrate the material to be as thin and durable as possible.

YouTube blogger Marques Brownlee recently put what is allegedly the iPhone 6’s sapphire crystal front panel under a stress test, attempting to scratch and stab the display with a knife and bend it under his shoe to no avail. Brownlee received the iPhone 6 part from fellow blogger Sonny Dickson, who has established a fairly reputable track record of Apple leaks over the past few years.

Brownlee himself was confident that the screen was a genuine Apple part, further corroborated by what Alford has told The Guardian in this report. We’ll find out for sure if the iPhone 6 has a sapphire crystal display in just a few months, as Apple is expected to take the wraps off the next-generation smartphone in September. A public release of iOS 8 should also be announced.

Do you think the iPhone 6 will have a sapphire crystal display?