‘Find My iPhone’ helps man track down stolen car in Peru

Find My iPhone Car Peru

There has been a lot of interesting story lines surrounding Find My iPhone over the years, as the security feature has helped numerous Apple users find their stolen or misplaced iPhones and iPads. But for one Peruvian man, the tracking tool helped him locate much more than just a stolen smartphone or tablet. 

According to Carlos Molina, who shared his story with Neowin, a group of men approached his car and blocked it at gunpoint. After handing over his iPhone and wallet, the thieves went a step further by stealing his car altogether. Fortunately for Molina, his MacBook and iPad were left in the backseat of the vehicle.

Molina turned to the local police to file a report of his stolen vehicle, while his wife looked for clues using Find My iPhone. As it turns out, the iPad’s geo-location eventually stabilized and Molina was able to locate his car in a remote location outside of the police eye.

Find my iPhone Car Peru Map

The victim was able to get his vehicle back, but his other belongings, including a work MacBook, were not recovered. Nevertheless, I think Molina will be sleeping much easier knowing that vehicle is back in his possession.

If there is one piece of advice that you should take away from this story, it is to turn on Find My iPhone. While we obviously do not wish it upon anyone, you never know when you might find yourself in a similar situation as Molina.

Have you ever used Find My iPhone to find a lost or stolen device?