iPhone 6 front panel leaks again, gets sized up to iPhone 5s in multiple images

iPhone 6 leak size comparison

The iPhone 6 has been leaked more than a few times, and we’re only going to see it more and more as we move closer to September and the expected launch date. With a new batch of leaked images, we get another clear picture of just how much bigger the new design will be.

With each new leak of the iPhone 6’s front panel, we start to get a clearer understanding of just how big the new device will be, especially compared to previous models. With a rumored screen size of 4.7-inches, many might not think it’s that big, especially when the iPhone 5s has a display measuring in at 4-inches. However, as you can see from these images picked up by Chinese site, MyDrivers, the size difference is quite noticeable.

iPhone 6 size comparison

There’s no denying that people want bigger smartphones. We’ve seen in the market as devices have trended towards behemoth devices compared to their predecessors, and Apple has even conceded in the past that they understand consumers want bigger devices. Now, with the iPhone 6 right around the corner, it looks like the Cupertino-based company is looking to meet that demand with a brand new iPhone. If these images, which were picked up from the popular social media site Baidu, are to be believed (and based on what we’ve seen in the past, they seem pretty straightforward), then the iPhone 6 is going to be exactly what people have been waiting for.

iPhone 6 size comparison to iPhone 5s

As it stands now, we’ve seen the iPhone 6 leaked repeatedly in just about every angle possible. A recent leak has even shown us what the LCD shielding will look like inside the device. A recent render of the iPhone 6 has shown us what the handset will look like in its final form, even wrapped in a red hue. And in China, there is already an iPhone 6 knock-off that’s completely functional making the rounds. Interestingly enough, it was revealed recently that apparently many people would prefer the next iPhone to have better/longer battery life, rather than a larger display.

The 4.7-inch iPhone is expected to be announced in the middle of September, with a launch date later that month. While it was initially rumored that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 would meet the same timetable, it’s now believed that it will actually see a launch at a later date, possibly in 2015.

Are you ready for an iPhone with a bigger display?

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