Next-Generation iPad mini mocked up alongside iPhone 6 without thick antenna lines

iPad mini 4

There have been countless iPhone and iPad mockups shared online over the past few months, but perhaps none better than those by graphic designer Martin Hajek. The visual artist has posted new photos that provide a closer look at what the iPhone 6 could look like without the thick antenna lines found on most other mockups. 

Hajak has shared four beautiful side-by-side mockups of the next-generation iPad mini in soft gold and iPhone 6 in space grey. The photos are pretty similar with mockups that have surfaced in the past, but the removal of the thick antenna lines on the iPhone 6 likely provides a more accurate glimpse at what the smartphone should look like.

Both the upcoming iPad mini and iPhone 6 have rounder edges and a slimmer design, and the latter in particular has a larger screen as widely expected. It has been speculated that Apple will release the iPhone 6 in both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, although the larger version could be delayed until October or as late as 2015.

It is worth noting that this iPhone 6 is mocked up with an embossed Apple logo on the back, which does not align with new leaked photos that surfaced this morning. In those photos, the iPhone 6 had an aperture — a hole — for the Apple logo on the rear housing of the device that could be used for improved radio connectivity or light-up notifications.

If you want a closer look at the iPad mini mockup, Hajek has shared a full gallery on his website for your perusal. Someone give this man a design job at Apple.

iPad mini 2
iPad mini 1
iPad mini 3