Leaked iPhone 6 parts point at relocated power button

iphone 6 flex volume button 1

Following yesterday’s front panel leak, a leaker from Apple’s supply chain has posted photos of what appears to be the iPhone 6’s flex cable.

The leaker posted the three photos showing the volume and power button flex cables, and while there’s no confirmation about its authenticity, the parts are very similar to similar components found in the iPhone 5s. The photos also show the parts having an Apple logo and a part number, that usually point to the genuineness of components.

A notable change in these leaked parts is that the volume and power buttons are now housed on different cables as opposed to the iPhone 5s, where the buttons were a part of the same cable. This is in line with the leaked design schematics of the iPhone 6 that show the power button on the side rather than the top for easier one-handed use.

Design schematics and mockups also show an increased distance between the volume and mute buttons, which is indeed reflected in the flex cable image.

iPhone 6 volume/mute button cable
iPhone 6 volume/mute button cable
iphone 6 flex power button
iPhone 6 Power flex cable

Apple is widely expected to release two variants of the iPhone 6 this year, one with a 4.7-inch display and the second one with a 5.5-inch display.

iPhone 6 is also expected to include Apple’s new A8 processor, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and an improved 8-megapixel camera. In addition to the obvious difference in display sizes, analysts expect the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 to also come with optical image stabilization, which would be another differentiating feature between the two models.