Some iTunes songs reverted to 30 second previews, down from 90 seconds

iTunes 30 second preview

Based on scattered reports, it looks like iTunes has reverted some songs from their 90 second previews down to 30 seconds, a number that hasn’t seen major play in iTunes since 2010.

Initially reported by MacRumors, based on posts put up in the publication’s forums, it would appear that some songs found in the iTunes library have been reverted to their former preview glory. This is a case present both in the mobile version of iTunes, as well as the desktop client. Albums that have songs longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds, like the artist Sia’s most recent release, are all showing only 30 seconds previews.

Back in 2010, Apple began a sweeping change to their preview lengths, hinging on the length of a particular song. If the track is longer than two minutes and 30 seconds, the preview was upgraded to 90 seconds. For tracks shorter than that, they remained at their 30 second preview length. There wasn’t any word that a change could be coming, so the shock to many users seems to be deep, as tweets indicate plenty of upset feelings for the change.

Some are even reporting that songs that had 90 second previews just hours before are now indicating only 30 second previews. Back in 2010, Apple had initial issues with rolling out the longer previews based on licensing deals, and it’s believed that this could have some connection, but nothing is certain just yet. Interestingly enough, while many songs are showing 30 second previews, there are still some tracks that have the 90 second preview, like the ones available through Apple’s Top Charts list.

Are you noticing the 30 second previews?

[via MacRumors]

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