New Lithium cells could double your iPhone’s battery life

ipad air battery feature

If you’re complaining about how short your iPhone’s battery lasts, you’ll want to read this piece of news. Stanford researchers have developed a new kind of lithium battery that can boast of an improvement of 2-3x in battery life.

The Lithium batteries these researchers have developed boast of a much higher energy density than the current crop of Lithium icon batteries, which means that batteries occupying the same space can deliver up to twice or thrice the energy.

Engadget reports:

 The technique [discovered by the researchers] allows for denser, more efficient lithium in the battery’s anode (which discharges electrons) by using a nanoscopic carbon shield that keeps the unstable chemical in check — uncontrolled, it can quickly shorten the device’s lifespan.

The result is a power pack that lasts considerably longer on charge, won’t decay quickly and remains relatively safe.

The researchers claim that smartphones with these advanced lithium cells could increase battery life by 2 to 3 times. This would be great, as devices won’t have to get thicker to offer increased battery life. The researchers’ technique doesn’t just have applications in the smartphone industry, but even in electric cars, that could offer an increased driving range without requiring a charge.

The technique is of course still in research, and it’ll likely take years for this to become mass market, but it is still good to know that iPhone users won’t have to carry battery packs for extending their device’s battery life in the future.

[via Engadget]