OS X Yosemite previewed ahead of public beta release tomorrow


Apple is planning to release the OS X Yosemite public beta tomorrow, providing one million users in the OS X Beta Program with an inside look at the upcoming Mac software. But if you don’t want to give the software a test drive firsthand, a number of publications have now published in-depth previews of OS X Yosemite. 

The previews reflect on several of the OS X Yosemite features that Apple unveiled during its WWDC keynote last month, ranging from Safari and Spotlight to Widgets and Notifications. We’ll have to wait until the fall to get a closer look at features that integrate with iOS 8 like Continuity and Handoff.

Dana Wollman, Engadget:

“For anyone who thought OS X was getting stale, that it was evolving a little too gradually, you’ll definitely want to check out Yosemite: It ushers in a new, iOS-inspired design, along with some new, iOS-like features.”

Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch:

“Yosemite is a dramatic shift for OS X, and one of the most comprehensive overall changes for Apple’s desktop OS since its inception. The changes permeate the look and feel of the OS, and offer up a host of new features, with perhaps the most notable among those being the new Continuity features that corral iOS devices and Macs even closer together, with functionality flowing between the two on a number of tasks that make sense for both platforms to share seamlessly.”

Dieter Bohn, The Verge:

“More than anything else, Yosemite is an example of Apple at the height of its powers. It takes part in an ecosystem of devices that ensures each one feels distinct and appropriate to its use, but nevertheless is recognizably Apple. When somebody takes a cheap shot at Yosemite by comparing its translucency to Windows Vista, just smile and start up your iPhone’s hotspot from your menubar.”

Lauren Goode, Re/code:

“I’ve had the chance to use the latest version of the beta OS over the past five days, and while this isn’t a full review, it’s a kind of preview of what to expect. I like its new design, the small improvements in Safari and Messages, and what appear to be promising fixes in Mail. It has already made a better impression on me than Mavericks did right out of the gate. But it’s also still very much a work in progress.”

Jim Dalrymple, The Loop:

“The updates to Yosemite have only strengthened my keenness for the OS. The design, system font and overall usability of Yosemite is still fantastic, but it’s the details that matter—and Apple takes care of the details.”

Are you planning to install the OS X Yosemite public beta tomorrow?