Apple hires two Nike FuelBand engineers reportedly for iWatch team

2.5-inch iWatch concept image

The iWatch team has reportedly been filling out lately, with several recent hires brought on to the rumored team to help bring the device to market. In a new report, two new names have been added to the pool, noteworthy for where they have been brought over from.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Ryan Bailey and Jon Gale have been hired by Apple. Specifically, Ryan Bailey has been brought into Apple as a Senior Test and Validation Engineer, while Jon Gale has been brought on as a Sensing Systems Engineer. Both individuals are obviously well equipped for any wearables movement, including the iWatch.

Bailey, specifically, specialized in electronic product development and wearable devices, while providing engineering recommendations to engineering leads. From his LinkedIn profile:

Primary responsibility is to define both the hardware and firmware architectures for Nike Digital Sport products. Additionally, I managed the development of product firmware through partner companies. Responsible for delivering firmware to validate the design in a manufacturing environment, define and implementation of custom protocols to interact with other components of the Nike ecosystem, and translate high-level product requirements into actionable, testable definitions. I personally owned the delivery of firmware for the Nike FuelBand product line.

Gale developed hardware and firmware architectures for Nike Digital Sport products.

As it stands right now, there’s no definitive sign that either of them have been brought into the iWatch team, but it’s a distinct possibility considering the background. The hiring of Gale and Bailey lines up well with the previous hires that Apple has made, including Alex Hsieh and others.

With the group that Apple is bringing together for the iWatch, do you think this device will make a large impact on the market?

[via 9to5Mac]