Shazam releases its Music Recognition app for Mac


Shazam today released a new app in the Mac App Store that sits in the toolbar and listens for content. The app requires the microphone to permanently be turned as it is always listening for content that Shazam can recognize such as music, TV shows, and commercials.

When the app is running, Shazam listens for music and TV shows that are stored in its database. If it picks up on anything, a pop-up notification appears telling you the name of the content. From there, you can download it directly on iTunes, share it with friends, find the music video and more. We tested the app, and one of its most interesting features is its ability to immediately display a copy of the lyrics of the song that is currently playing.

In an interview with Shazam’s Chief Product Officer Daniel Danker, MacRumors learned that Shazam is trying to expand their audio recognition beyond just music. Shazam has recently been pushing to get identifiable audio in as many TV and internet commercials as they can so users can re-watch the commercial, download the music featured in it, or find the product advertised. 

Shazam has also partnered with Apple to include the song identification feature in iOS 8, which will allow users to identify the music using Siri.

The app is available to all Mac users starting today for free.

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