Smart Search takes Spotlight search on iPhone to a whole new level [Jailbreak Tweak]

Smart Search

The highly-anticipated jailbreak tweak Smart Search has been released on Cydia for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, greatly enhancing the functionality of Spotlight search on jailbroken devices by allowing you to search from several additional sources. Read ahead for a detailed overview of the tweak in action.

Spotlight is traditionally designed for searching through your device, whereas Smart Search expands your search options to include the App Store, iTunes Store, Google, Spotify, TMDb, Wikipedia and YouTube. More search sources will be added in the future, potentially including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Wikipanion and Cydia.

To access Smart Search, simply swipe down on the middle of your Home screen as you normally would to access a redesigned Spotlight search with buttons for each search source. When you tap on a search result, the corresponding app will open if you have it installed. Otherwise, the search will default to Safari.

Smart Search Spotlight

For instance, tapping on a YouTube video in the search results will automatically open the YouTube app and bring you to that video. In a future release, you will also be able to have YouTube artists show up directly within the app as well.

Watch this demo video for a closer look at the tweak in action:

The tweak, the creative brainchild of iOS developers David Murray (Cykey) and Protosphere, has a preferences menu in the Settings app for configuring which search sources appear within Spotlight. You can also customize the order in which the plugins are displayed.

Overall, this tweak is one that I highly recommend because of its useful functionality, fast and fluid performance and seamless integration with Spotlight. I could definitely see Apple being inspired by Smart Search and implementing similar functionality on a future iOS version as a stock feature.

Smart Search is $2.49 on the Cydia Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.