Supermechanical’s Range/Oven Grill Intelligence aims to make cooking even easier

Supermechanical Range Intelligence

Our smartphones are great tools to make a lot of different aspects of our lives easier. They can even shut off our lights in our homes now. A new Kickstarter program, hosted by Supermechanical, wants to make it so that grilling is just about as easy as turning off a light.

This new version of Supermechanical’s Range Intelligence, now known as the Range/Grill Intelligence, aims to make the whole process of even easier, while all the while using wireless technologies to make sure that you don’t need to keep your iPad or iPhone next to your oven or grill. The Range/Oven Grill Intelligence uses Blueooth LE-connectivity, and includes a magnetic storage unit that functions as the thermometer’s base.

Now, with the new version of the wireless thermometer, you’ll be able to walk around with your iOS-based device, instead of having to keep it next to the oven or grill, like you had to in the previous iteration.

That magnetic base for the new Range offers additional benefits, including temperature and vibration sensors. It will tell you when the oven is on, working normally, or when it’s pre-heating. There’s a single AA battery inside, and it’s said that the device will work for up to one year on a single charge. The thermometer can measure temperatures ranging from -40F to 450F.

If you’re looking for options, you’ve got three to choose from:

  • Oven Intelligence: Includes a 3-ich sharp thermometer, costs $98.
  • Chef Intelligence: Includes a 3-inch sharp thermometer, and a 6-inch round thermometer. You can home brew, make candy, or other tasks. It costs $129.
  • Grill Intelligence: Includes a 3-inch sharp thermometer, as well as a ambient temperature probe, which is used for smoking or slow cooking. It also includes a fiberglass cable, designed for extra durability even when in contact with a flame directly. It costs $160.
  • As of the time of this writing, Supermechanical’s Range/Oven Grill Intelligence has 486 backers, and it has raised $80,053 of the total $250,000 goal. There are 17 days remaining.

    How do you use your iOS-based device to make your life easier around the house?

    [via Supermechanical Kickstarter]