Apple Store in Durham, NC targeted in robbery

Apple Store, Durham, NC break-in

The Apple Store in Durham, North Carolina, is the location of a recent smash-and-grab robbery, with display models the target of the heist.

As reported by MacRumors, the Apple retail store in Durham, North Carolina, which is located within The Streets at Southpoint, a destination of the Southpoint Mall, has been the target of an overnight smash-and-grab robbery. According to the report, the thieves focused on display models of MacBooks, which were located at the front section of the store. As made evident in the image above, the robbers went through the glass window at the front of the store.

This particular Apple Store is located outdoors, like many other shops in the area, and the large panes of glass that are installed to make looking inside easier, also point to an easy target for overnight break-ins. As of this writing, the store is closed due to the incident.

While it may not be the same situation as driving a car into the front of an Apple Store, as was the case for a store in Berlin, Germany last year, these types of robberies are not unheard of for Apple Stores.

Has an Apple Store in your area been the victim of a break-in?

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