Tim Cook hints at voice messaging importance, iWatch could benefit

iOS 8 voice messaging

When Apple unveiled iOS 8, one of the new features focused on sending a message with your voice, rather than having to type away at individual letters like a barbarian. Now, based on a new note sent to investors, that focus could very well see the iWatch benefitting from the input method.

Basically, at this point, just about any kind of rumor that isn’t inherently geared towards the new iPhone(s) coming down the pipe, we can assume that it will be tuned instead towards Apple’s rumored wearable. And maybe even when it is probably about the iPhone, or iOS specifically, we can still make it about the iWatch. That seems to be the case here, with a new note sent to investors from Steve Milunovich of UBS, who recently had a chance to speak with Tim Cook.

During that meeting, Cook apparently talked quite a bit about voice messaging, and reflected on a trip he took to China, where he saw the majority of people lifting their phones to their faces to dictate a message, rather than send it the “old fashioned way.” Based on that, Milunovich is speculating that Apple’s obvious focus on voice messaging, which was more than apparent with the unveiling of iOS 8’s new messaging features, is going to extend to the iWatch.

From the note, via Reuters:

When we visited with Tim Cook, he said that walking down streets in China one sees people speaking into their phones sending voice rather than text messages. Porting this capability to the watch makes sense as it is easier to send a voice message from a device already on the wrist than pulling out a phone. It also could aid penetration of China, which Cook said has a ways to go.

Indeed, it probably would be easier to lift your watch and reply to a text message, rather than doing the same thing after you pull your phone out of your pocket. This implementation, though, means that the iWatch will hopefully have an intuitive way to not only reply to those messages, but also receive them. After all, if it’s a pain to read those messages on the iWatch in the first place, then pulling the phone out of your pocket may just be the best option no matter what. Even if you do use voice messaging to reply.

Do you currently use voice messaging to reply to people who get in touch with you, or do you prefer to use the digital keyboard presented to you?

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