Vestigo is the ultimate Wi-Fi manager for iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]


Just minutes ago, an interesting new jailbreak tweak called Vestigo was released on Cydia. The extension aims to give you fine-tuned control over your Wi-Fi networks and preferences on iPhone, accessible from anywhere on iOS based on the Activator gesture that you assign. I share my first impressions of the tweak ahead. 

The biggest draw to Vestigo is the ability to change Wi-Fi networks and view specific connection details without closing your app and navigating to Settings. For simply toggling on and off Wi-Fi, Control Center is already convenient enough.

After installing Vestigo, the first step is to assign an Activator gesture for opening it. I chose to set triple-tapping the home button as my method of invoking the tweak, but there are endless other options to choose from. When you open Vestigo, it is essentially a tray that pops down from the top-left corner of the status bar.

Within the Vestigo drop-down menu, there is a main toggle switch for Wi-Fi. A list of nearby networks are displayed underneath, and you can tap on each for detailed information like your IP address, encryption model, channel, bars, RSSI, MAC address, AP mode and vendor. There is also technical details about your Wi-Fi strength.

You can also tap the information button in the top-right corner of Vestigo to view a list of known networks stored on your iPhone. Be careful, though, as the passwords for each network are shown in plain text under each. I feel like passwords should be hidden by default, hopefully something that can be addressed in a future update for the tweak.

Vestigo Tweak

To exit out of Vestigo, simply tap the home button once or tap anywhere outside of the drop-down tray on the Home screen or app in the background.

Vestigo has a dedicated menu in the Settings app, with an option to change the assigned Activator gesture and further information about its Italian developer Pigi Galdi and icon designer Riccardo Orlando.

The tweak was released with a version number 0.2.2.

Overall, Vestigo worked as advertised on my older iPhone 5. The extension has a native-looking design, did not cause significant battery drainage on my device in my short time testing it, and had no performance or compatibility issues. Ultimately, the tweak gets my seal of approval and a deserving recommendation.

Vestigo is $1.59 on Cydia in the ModMyi repo.