Download these great paid apps for free for a limited time (August 10)

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We have some great apps for you today that have gone free for a short duration on the App Store, including Dark Guardians, Carrot Alarm, Notifyr and more.

Featured Deal:

The Complete iOS 8 and Swift Developers Course: Pre-Order the Complete iOS 8 and Swift Developers Course worth $998 for just $79 to build your dream app. That’s a 92% savings off the retail price. You also get the Complete iOS 7 Course worth $499 for free. So grab the offer today.

Free Games:

  • Dark Guardians: Between a runner game and a rhythm game, Dark Guardians awakens all your senses. Fight monsters of darkness and travel across fantastic and mystical landscapes. $1.99 → Free

Free Apps:

  • CARROT Alarm: An alarm clock that is very different from the other ones. The app has an AI that gets angry if you do not wake up on time. $1.99 → Free
  • Notifyr: Notifyr shows all your incoming notifications from your iPhone on your Mac. With Notifyr, you’ll never miss a notification again: you can keep your phone in your pocket and still know what’s going on. You can read your incoming WhatsApp messages, see who’s following you on Instagram or read any of the other kind of notifications from any app on your iPhone. It’s also possible to mute notifications from any app you like. $3.99 → Free
  • Superimpose Studio: Combine two or more photos, remove backgrounds from photos and more. $2.99 → Free

App Price Drops:

  • Grafio: Make neat, clean diagrams and schemes easily. Explain your idea or just clear it out for yourself mind mapping it. Teach. Present. Draw, sketch and drag objects on the canvas. Make connections and add text and images. Everything you need for visualising your idea. $8.99 → $3.99
  • Fantastical 2 for iPad: An award-winning, best-selling calendar app for the iPad with iOS 7. With the convenient Fantastical Dashboard, you’ll add, view, and interact with your events and reminders with ease. $9.99 → $7.99
  • Writer Pro: A popular text editing app for iPhone and iPad with iCloud sync, syntax control for nouns, verbs etc., and a lot of other features. $19.99 → $4.99
  • TodoProjects, Sub-tasks, Start Dates, Due Dates, Recurring Tasks (with detailed recurring options), Multiple Task Alerts, Overdue Tasks, Drag and Drop, Search, Print Lists, Folders, and much more. $4.99 → $1.99
  • Clear: One of the best todo and list apps with a great interface, and easy to use gesture-based interactions: $4.99 → $1.99
  • iTranslate Voice: Just speak into your phone and it immediately replies in one of the 42 languages the app supports. Look up definitions and translations for common words & phrases, just using your voice and more. $4.99 → $1.99
  • Tydlig: Tydlig is perfect for calculating everyday things like tips and discounts, showing the entire history and allowing you to change any number with instant updates. For deeper calculations real-time graphing is an excellent way to explore and visualize things like bank interest rates and trigonometric functions. $2.99 → $.99
  • Due: The beauty of Due lies in its simplicity. There’s no account to create, no start or end date to set, no need to prioritize, tag nor categorise. What there is however are what that matters: a note for your reminder and an alert that is set up in mere seconds. $4.99 → $1.99
  • Notability: Write, illustrate and annotate using gorgeous ink. Notability’s zoom window helps you quickly and clearly draw every detail, while the palm rest protects your notes from unwanted marks. Choose the right pen and paper for any project. $4.99 → $1.99
  • PDF Expert 5: Read, annotate or edit PDF documents on iPad or iPhone. PDF Expert allows you to mark up documents with highlights and handwriting, insert text and stamps, sign, fill forms and even merge PDFs. $9.99 → $4.99
  • Launch Center Pro: Launch actions, not just apps. Launch Center Pro like speed dial for everyday tasks. The app saves you time by launching complex actions in a single tap. iPad $4.99 → $1.99 iPhone $4.99 → $1.99
  • PCalc: PCalc is the powerful choice for scientists, engineers, students, programmers, or indeed anybody looking for a feature rich calculator. It includes an optional RPN mode and multi-line display, a choice of button layouts, an extensive set of unit conversions and constants, a paper tape, multiple undo and redo, engineering and scientific notation, as well as support for hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations. $9.99 → $4.99
  • MindNode: MindNode makes mind mapping easy. Mind maps are a visual representation of your ideas, starting with a central thought and growing from there. This allows you to brainstorm & organize your thoughts in an intuitive way, so you can focus on the idea behind it. $9.99 → $4.99

If you like any of these apps, make sure you download them right away, since we don’t know when their prices could go up.

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