Apple indicates iCloud Mail suffering extended outage

image Apple iCloud outage

In late July, Apple reported a brief time period of “slower than expected service” for some iCloud Mail users out there. On August 8, Apple updated their system status page to indicate that iCloud Mail is once again suffering some issues.

This time around, Apple is indicating that some iCloud Mail users are not receiving their emails, either through their mobile device or through the web-based site. According to Apple, that means that “some users are affected” from the issue, and that “users may be unable to retrieve iCloud mail.”

Unfortunately, as usual, there aren’t a lot of details to go on, save for the fact that the outage apparently began at 9:00am PST, or 12:00pm EDT, and has been going since. We’ll update the article as soon as Apple comes forward with more details, or once the service is back up and running.

[via Apple]