Apple files for HealthKit trademarks and mentions watches, health sensors and more

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As it stands right now, Apple’s first wearable, the oft-rumored iWatch, has managed to shy away from any leaks — unlike the iPhone 6. So, the only real information we can hang onto at this point suggesting the device’s upcoming launch are little details. Like Apple’s recent filing for HealthKit trademarks in the U.S. and Europe.

On July 31, Apple filed for a trademark for HealthKit, which covers the HealthKit text and mentions computer software (as HealthKit was unveiled alongside iOS 8 earlier this year). While that doesn’t point to anything outside of what we already know, the trademark filed in Europe for HealthKit does present some interesting details, including: extending classifications to exercise sensors, health, fitness, medical devices . . . and watches.

Here’s an excerpt from the European filing:

List of goods and services Health, fitness, exercise, and wellness sensors, monitors and displays; medical apparatus and devices… Horological and chronometric instruments; watches; clocks; timepieces; chronographs for use as timepieces; chronometers; watchstraps; watch bands; cases for watches, clocks, and horological and chronometric instruments; parts for watches, clocks, and horological and chronometric instruments; jewelry.

While it is just a trademark filing, and Apple could be simply covering their bases for any products they might have in the pipeline for well into the future — and not necessarily something launching this fall — this has many speculating that the iWatch is indeed another step closer to becoming a reality. Indeed, there have been many reports circulating over the last few months that point to an Apple-branded wearable that has a plethora of sensors, including those for blood pressure, glucose and more.

Moreover, the recent hirings of many individuals, from designer clothing brands to fitness experts, all suggest, and link together, to promote the idea of an incoming wearable device.

Despite not having any direct links, do you think Apple will launch the iWatch this year?

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