Apple’s wearable reportedly set to be unveiled in September alongside new iPhones

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The launch of the iWatch, or whatever Apple is gearing up to call their wearable, has been a contested piece of information for months now, with reports dating back to early June suggesting it could get unveiled in October. Now, a new report says it will be in September after all.

According to a report published by Re/code, the wearable from Apple will now be announced in September, during the expected iPhone 6 announcement:

Apple now plans to unveil a new wearable alongside the two next-generation iPhones we told you the company will debut on September 9th. (Funny “joke,” Gruber.) The new device will, predictably, make good use of Apple’s HealthKit health and fitness platform. It will also — predictably — make good use of HomeKit, the company’s new framework for controlling connected devices — though it’s not clear how broadly or in what way.

While initial reports suggested the iWatch would be unveiled in October at its own event, there were also rumors that it could get announced in September that cropped up in April of this year. If this new report is accurate, then it looks like Apple will have quite the busy day on September 9, when they’re expected to announce two new iPhone models as well.

The Rumor Mill went wild when John Gruber, a well known presence in the Apple ecosystem, said that Apple’s “wrist wearable thing” would get announced in September, but Gruber quickly noted it was a joke. Looks like it may not have been a joke after all.

It should be noted that the initial report from Re/code also mentions the October-related press event as still something that could happen, without mentioning what might be announced therein:

No word yet on the fate of the October event I mentioned earlier this summer, though I imagine it’s still on.

[via Re/code]