Leaked Photos show alleged Lightning Cable with Reversible USB Connector

Lightning USB 1

A series of leaked photos have surfaced on a Chinese website Dianxinshouji.com that depict a new Lightning cable with a reversible USB connector, perhaps designed to match the new USB 3.1 Type-C cable with reversible ends that will begin shipping next year. 

The most convenient aspect of the new Lightning cable that Apple introduced in 2012 is that it has an 8-pin connector that allows you to plug the cable into your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in any direction, without even thinking about it.

Meanwhile, the USB connector on the current Lightning cable is located on the bottom of the metal housing and can only be connected to a device or wall charger in one orientation. With a centered, reversible USB connector, as shown in the pictures, it would be much more convenient.

Lightning USB 2

In reality, a reversible Lightning cable would only save a few seconds of time; however, I can’t be the only one that always has the USB connector facing the wrong side whenever I attempt to plug my iPhone or iPad into a wall charger overnight.

According to the Chinese source behind this leak, the photos allegedly come from Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn in China, although the veracity of the images cannot be confirmed.

Earlier this year, Apple introduced a new specification for Lightning-based headphones as part of its Made for iPhone, or “MFi,” program, so an upgraded cable could make sense. Let’s just hope that corrosion issues causing some cables to fail are fixed.

A new Lightning cable could go along with the new iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini with Retina display expected to be released later this year.

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