QuickBoard for iOS 8 is three keyboards in one in an effort to make input quicker and easier


It is no secret that one of the most often requested features for iOS has been third-party keyboard replacements. In iOS 8 it is finally a reality, and developers are certainly taking advantage of the changes.

We already know that some of the most popular third-party keyboards out there are coming to iOS 8, including Fleksy and Swype, among others. Those aren’t going to be the only options, of course, as other developers use the broadened tools to bring their own apps to the market when iOS 8 launches later this year. One of those developers is Kevin Wolkober, and he’s created an application called QuickBoard, which is a tool meant to make inserting often used text easier than ever before.

With QuickBoard, which you can check out in a video below, you’ll actually have three keyboards at your disposal in the single application. With each distinct ‘board, inserting snippets of text that you use most often, including email addresses, credit card numbers, or addresses (and more) is very easy. With TextBoard, users can record pieces of text that are important, and commonly used, from paragraphs to a single line of text. With MeBoard, you’ll be able to store the contact information you need, from your name to whatever else you might need to fill out common forms. And finally, with LocationBoard, you’ll be able to get your location quickly and paste an exact location, or corresponding address with ease.

image TextBoard

You’ll be able to reuse that information that you store in any other application on your device, including Messages, and other third-party apps. Inputting the text is just a tap away, by activating the Globe icon on the keyboard itself, and then choosing which text you want to input. When you’re inputting information, the ‘board will get reduced in functionality based on available keys, dropping from the standard keyboard to one that features only a Delete function, Space and Return. You’ll be able to quickly select different’ boards from the same area as well.

As it stands, QuickBoard is currently in beta before the public release of iOS 8. However, based on the hands-on report published by MacRumors, the app should be made available to the public shortly after the official launch of iOS 8. Pricing has not been determined just yet.

[via MacRumors]