How to Quickly Snooze or Turn off iPhone Alarm Clock

iPhone Alarm Clock

The iPhone has been my alarm clock ever since it was launched. I am sure it’s the case for many of you as well.

Here are some tips that you should probably know to quickly turn off or snooze the alarm clock on your iPhone to make it a little less annoying to get up in the morning.

Snooze the Alarm clock

When the alarm goes off, you can snooze it by tapping on the “Tap on snooze”. It would have been a lot easier if Apple allowed you to tap on the screen to snooze the alarm, but unfortunately, you have to tap on “Tap on snooze” to snooze it. A much easier way to snooze the alarm is to press any of the hardware buttons such as the Volume up, Volume down or even the Sleep/Wake or Power button.

Turn Off iPhone Alarm

When the alarm goes off, you can turn it off by swiping on the lock screen. Since the next screen is the Passcode screen, quite a few people tend to enter the passcode. This is not required, swiping to unlock the iPhone stops the alarm.

If you’ve an iPhone 5s, then you can use Touch ID to turn it off. All you need to do is tap and Hold on the Home button to turn off the alarm.

Note: This guide is meant for new users. Some of tips mentioned here may be very basic, but when you see the number of people who have watched the how to hard reset the iPhone video, even the most basic thing may not be obvious to everyone.