Tim Cook calls recent slowdown in iPad sales a “speed bump”


After a great initial few years, iPad sales are starting to slow down, as evident from Apple’s last few quarterly earnings.

In Q2 2014, iPad sales fell 16 percent year-over-year, from 19.4 million units in 2013 to 16.4 million units in 2014. PC and Mac sales, however saw an increase year-over-year, in sharp contrast to the narrative that was going around a few years ago, when the iPad was said to start the Post-PC era, and spell doom for PC manufacturers.

Many blamed the slowdown in sales due to the lack of pro features and enterprise focused apps, some pointed out that the average life of an iPad is much longer than an iPhone, due to which existing customers aren’t rushing to buy new models, and some said that people had very high expectations from the iPad, which it wasn’t designed to deliver on.

Tim Cook, however, says the slump is sales is just a speed bump that every product category goes through. The Apple CEO spoke to Re/code for an article titled “In Defense of Tablets”:

In a brief interview about tablets I had this week with Apple CEO Tim Cook, he said, “We couldn’t be happier with how we’ve done with the first four years of the iPad,” and added that, “I’d call what’s going on recently a speed bump, and I’ve seen that in every category.”

Tim Cook of course knows the numbers better than anybody, and it is possible that Apple will see improvements in sales in the next few quarters thanks to its IBM partnership to increase enterprise adoption, Microsoft Office for iPad, as well as the introduction of a next-generation iPad Air and iPad mini models.

In the Re/code article, well-known technology journalist Walt Mossberg argues that the iPad is still better than the laptop for certain tasks:

Whether I want to check business or personal email, respond to a message, browse the Web, check the news or watch a video, I find it quicker and more satisfying to do on a slender iPad Air than even on the best laptop on the market, the MacBook Air.

If I need to edit or annotate or review a document, I also find that easy on a tablet, especially now that a brilliant new truly touch-based version of Microsoft Office has been released for the iPad.

What are your thoughts on the recent slowdown of iPad sales? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Re/code]

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  • dre

    Te reason the iPad stopped selling is because Apple has failed to innovate. It’s completely uninteresting when compared to an Asus Padfone. The Padfone is designed and manufactured by Apple’s own ODM, Pegatron. Different factory but same parent company.

    Look at the Lenovo N20p reversible Chromebook. It’s a touch-screen hybrid laptop and tablet. Apple, can you do this, please? It’s almost 2015, you best have a plan!

    • BlackBob

      Reason that ipad sales are going down is the imminent release of new products, including iPad Pro… iPad is hand-down the best tablet on the market, numbers proves it.

      • dre

        Yeah, that’s the problem. It’s only a tablet. Very narrow thinking!

        • Jslee86

          Why is it narrow thinking ? Everyone is focusing on the hybrid crap…i like having a computer separate from my tablet…. Why have a device that doesn’t know if it’s more of a tablet or more of a computer….. If it’s more of a tablet then it’s an overly heavy tablet with a keyboard….if it’s more of a computer it’s simply a computer with a touch screen….big deal….. I wouldn’t trade my iPad Air with my a sexy little Bluetooth keyboard for any tablet…. Best part is my iPad works without needing to stick my phone inside of it…(fondpad) and not an isheep for saying all this I’ll give it to you Asus make some killer PC,s and the Nexus 7 etc….

      • DroidGuy360

        yeah cuz we should trust people who camp out for days jacking off in tents thinking about holding their new idevice, stroking it until they sperm everywhere, those people are the ones we should trust to tell us what tablet is the best.

      • Kkboy

        There are so many better things out there now. Ive had the iPad 1 and the Ipad mini. I sold them both to get the Surface 2. I can do so much more on the surface than I could ever do on the iPad. Its so much more productive. As for Jslee86, if you don’t want your tablet to do the tasks a computer can, why have a tablet then? Once you try something other than an iPhone and iPad, its whole another story.

  • mn30

    Good luck this year with the mini iPad and iPad. I sold both devices. Will just get the bigger iPhone6. Tired of over paying for data. Why paid data twice! Will get the bigger iPhone 6 if I can. If there’s a longer wait I might just try the S5 or Note. Last time I pre-order the UPS driver got him self a new phone. Apple will not let you pick a shipper.