Apple design chief Jonathan Ive calls iPhone 6 and Apple Watch its ‘best work yet’

Jonathan Ive Interview

ABC News’ David Muir scored an exclusive interview with Apple design chief Jonathan Ive following the Cupertino-based company’s media event at the Flint Center yesterday afternoon, in which he described the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch as Apple’s “best work yet.” The executive also stressed how the Apple Watch is both desirable and personal. 

Based on the two different sizes, six different bands and dozens of watch faces to choose from, Ive claims that there are millions of unique combinations for the Apple Watch in terms of design. Every customer can have a design that is fashionable to them, whether they be using the smartwatch to exercise, in the workplace or walking down the street.

Ive also touched upon how the Apple Watch hardware and software is “one and the same,” which is the same integrated approach that the company takes with the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Muir also interviewed Apple CEO Tim Cook on the importance of making products in the United States and what the late Steve Jobs would think of the Apple Watch.