Mayo Clinic reportedly playing big health-oriented role at iPhone 6 event

iOS Health app

It is widely believed that Apple’s media event this afternoon will be heavily focused on health and fitness as it relates to both the iPhone 6 and the Cupertino-based company’s first wearable device. To back these health initiatives, a new report claims that Minnesota-based medical group Mayo Clinic will play a big role during the Apple keynote. 

According to the the Minnesota news publication Star Tribune, Mayo Clinic will be on stage alongside Apple at the Flint Center to encourage more people, and medical professionals, to make use of smartphones and potentially a smartwatch to monitor health. The two companies have reportedly been working together for over two years.

Mayo Clinic will show how health and fitness data collected from Apple’s all-new Health app on iOS 8 can be used as part of a broader health system, enabling doctors to better assess and interact with patients.

“If you’re motivated enough to wear one of those, you’re more likely to respond to what the devices tell you,” said Wayne Kaniewski, a Minneapolis physician and owner of a health records consulting firm.

Mayo already provides patients with an app that stores personal health records and allows users to track their lab results, but partnering with Apple could enable the medical group to gain more patients and better maintain its ties with existing ones. Google, Microsoft and Samsung have also taken on health-based initiatives in recent years.

An emerging focus on health on smartphones and wearable devices will lower the costs of patients interacting with doctors, especially at advanced medical institutions like the Mayo Clinic. Apple’s health-related feature could track your pulse rate, body temperature, blood glucose levels and much more, as part of a data repository.

If the partnership is true, we’ll find out more in just a few hours.

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