Apple aiming to revamp Beats Music and showcase rebranding in February, according to ‘industry scuttlebutt’

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On Monday, September 22, it was reported that Apple would be shutting down Beats Music, and putting focus on other areas (like iTunes Radio). Soon after, it turned out that Apple may simply be reconsidering a rebranding of the existing music streaming service. Now, a new report corroborates that belief.

While the initial report on Monday suggested that the company was simply going to scuttle Beats Music and transition those working on the music streaming service to other areas like iTunes Radio, with no word on what would be coming later as a replacement, a new report published on Tuesday, September 23 by Re/code claims that Apple is actually focusing on revamping the service in a big way, and will just rebrand it.

When will the new service and rebranding be showcased? According to Re/code, as early as February of 2015:

When will Apple show off the new version of its subscription service and its new brand? Here’s a guess backed up by some industry scuttlebutt: February — presumably timed to the Grammy Awards, which will be held Feb. 8.

In mid-August, Apple officially added Beats Music to the “Apps made by Apple” list, and the software has certainly seen a big boost (as well as other Beats-branded products) ever since the acquisition of Beats Electronics finalized earlier in the year. However, it should not be a big surprise that Apple wants to consolidate brands, especially now that Beats is part of the Apple family.

With the focus on a rebranding and revamp of Beats Music is on the books, there’s also the other focus on music from Apple, partnered with U2, which will see the release of a new music format that’s supposedly meant to get people to pay for music again.

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