Apple’s wearable to come in two sizes, offer 512MB of RAM and 8GB storage according to analyst

iPhone 6 inspired iWatch concept - 6

While it’s still up-in-the-air what, exactly, Apple’s wearable will ultimately be, that’s not slowing analysts down in the slightest. A new report from KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo claims to shed some more light on the device before its rumored announcement on September 9.

According to the report, which Kuo recently released, the iWatch will be a rectangular, and not a circular wearable. However, while this may be the case, the focus on fashion is still certainly a focus point for Apple, especially as design head Jony Ive reportedly jokes about Switzerland being “in trouble” with the upcoming wearable’s launch. The iWatch will also reportedly feature two distinct sizes, one model that will boast a 1.3-inch display, and one that will feature a 1.5-inch display. This lends credence to similar reports earlier in 2014.

The report goes on to say that internally, the Apple wearable will boast 8GB of built-in storage, and that it will have 512MB of RAM. These numbers are pretty high for a smartwatch, especially when compared to the competition, and if they are indeed the specifications for Apple’s wearable, then it would seem to hint that the device could be even more independent than what we’ve started to see from the smartwatch industry.

Kuo believes that there will be a number of “holes” on the back of the device to make use of Apple’s HealthKit, so that the oft-rumored health functions can play a big role for the wearable.

Kuo echoed previous statements regarding the release of the iWatch, stating again that it will not launch until 2015. Rumors have cropped up recently that the wearable will be shown off at the September 9 media event, but a launch in 2015 is not impossible. Kuo believes the device has not yet entered mass production, which corroborates earlier reports that the device is still in the “Engineering Verification Test” phase.

Apple has scheduled a media event at the Flint Center in California on September 9, where the company will reportedly announce the iPhone 6, the wearable, and new rumors suggest they could even announce new iPads at the event as well.

[via AppleInsider]

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