Comedian Conan O’Brien’s hilarious take on the bent iPhone 6 Plus controversy

Conan O'Brien on bent iPhone 6 Plus controversy

Everyone seems to be having a field day at Apple’s expense with the iPhone 6 Plus bending controversy.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that Conan O’Brien who usually doesn’t miss an opportunity to talk about Apple’s new products has something to say about the controversy.

He even has a solution for the bent iPhones, though I am not sure, if he was paid by Apple’s arch rival for it. I won’t reveal any more details, so go check out the video below and let me know what you think.

His tweet from couple of days back was also quite hilarious.

As a bonus, also check out his take on the fiasco around Apple’s decision to give U2’s ‘Song of Innocence’ album for free.

Apple officially responded to the controversy yesterday, stating that the issue was extremely rare in normal use, and they had got only 9 complaints about the issue. Apple also allowed journalists into their stress-testing plant to show off what an iPhone goes through before it heads out to the public.