Drone gives aerial view of the building Apple is constructing next to the Flint Center [Updated]

Flint Center Apple building

Drone are still all the rage for aerial photography, just as we saw on September 2 when one was used to take video of the Spaceship Campus 2 as it’s being constructed. Now, a new set of photos have revealed a new angle of the building Apple is constructing ahead of the iPhone 6 launch in front of the Flint Center.

There’s already plenty of talk going on about what Apple will unveil at this year’s media event, which is scheduled to take place on September 9, but the fact that Apple is constructing a building in front of the Flint Center is throwing more gas on the fire. These new images — captured by Sachin Patel from a drone — show that the new building is indeed completely separate from the Flint Center for Performing Arts, and not actually connected to it at all. What’s more, it looks like the new building may actually be taller than the theater.

image Flint Center Drone Image3

As far as the building’s point goes, it’s still anyone’s guess what Apple might be using it for. The theories range quite a bit, with many believing that this could be a faux home, where Apple will reportedly showcase HomeKit features tied to the iPhone, and the iWatch. Or, it could be a gym, where Apple will show off the HealthKit features tied to the iPhone 6 and their wearable device. Or, it could be a parking structure.

image Flint Center Drone Image2

The fact that Apple has decided to build an entirely separate building is certainly unique in and of itself, but it’s certainly worth noting that the Flint Center itself is a big deal, especially in its connection to Apple. This is the location where Steve Jobs first showed off the Mac. For this reason, this connection, alone, it has many believing that this launch will be huge for Apple.

What do you think the new building is for?

Update: AppleInsider has received footage of the same area, the same white-clad building in front of the Flint Center, courtesy of yet another drone. You can check out the video below:

[via 9to5Mac; @gizmosachin; AppleInsider]

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