Dyson’s 360 Eye vacuum can be controlled from your iPhone and launches in 2015

Dyson 360 Eye vacuum

The devices in our homes have been getting smarter, and more technologically advanced, as the years progress, just as our homes are getting smarter as well. Dyson has an upcoming vacuum that will make keeping the floors in your home cleaner, all with easy control from your iPhone.

Dyson has just announced the new 360 Eye vacuum, which, like many “smart appliances,” aims to basically take you, the human, out of the equation and just do what it was built to do: clean. The new vacuum uses Dyson’s cyclone technology, which means the robotic cleaner utilizes centrifugal force to pick up dirt within powerful spiral airflows.

The Dyson 360 Eye uses 3D reference points, rather than 2D variants as seen in other robotic vacuums, which means the little cleaner can better handle the layout of your home as it traverses the landscape.

The 360 Eye will have firmware that you can update right from the iPhone app, called the Dyson Link. The app will also let you control the vacuum insofar that you’ll be able to start it, stop it, and even schedule cleanings. You’ll also be able to monitor its activity remotely right from within the app.

Dyson says the vacuum will be landing in Japan sometime in the early part of 2015, with an international launch planned for later in the year. Pricing, however, was not divulged.

What do you think of the 360 Eye? You can check out the little robotic cleaner in a video below:

[via TNW]

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