Having Wi-Fi problems with iOS 8 – iOS 8.4.1? Here’s how to fix it

iOS 8 comes with a ton of new features and improvements, but sadly, it also is very buggy, and has a lot of issues. One of the issues people are facing after updating their iPhone or iPad to iOS 8 is Wi-Fi connectivity problems. Here are a few tips to fix these problems.

These issues being reported include not being able to connect to a Wi-Fi network, dropping connection intermittently or speeds being extremely slow.

Update to latest iOS version

Apple has released several software updates after the iOS 8 update, which resolves issue with Wi-Fi performance. If you haven’t already, then you can try installing the latest update to see if it resolves the issue. According to iOS 8.3 release notes, it includes several Wi-Fi related bug fixes.

If it doesn’t help, then try the solutions mentioned below.

Disable Wi-Fi Networking Services

Many users have reported that they’ve solved their issues by disabling Wi-Fi Networking under Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. This only relates to your location being used for Wi-Fi Networking, so it doesn’t disable Wi-Fi entirely.

Photo 30-09-14 10 54 48 pm

Reset Network Settings

Most networking related issues I’ve experienced have been fixed after resetting network settings. Resetting these settings flushes caches and clears DHCP settings and other networking related info. To reset network settings, open the Settings app and navigate to Settings > General > Reset and tap on Reset Network Settings.

reset network

Set Custom DNS

Often times, if your ISPs DNS servers are having problems, you can switch to Google DNS or OpenDNS. You can follow the instructions in the post linked below to change your DNS settings.

➤ How to change the DNS server on your iPhone and iPad


Restore and Setup as new iPhone

If none of these tips fix your issues, the last resort is to restore your iPhone or iPad via iTunes, and set it up as a new device. This way, you start afresh, and get rid of possibly problematic customisations and settings on your device. Follow the instructions in the post linked below to do a clean restore to the latest version of iOS via iTunes.

➤ How to restore your iPhone or iPad with iTunes

Let us know in the comments if you faced any Wi-Fi issues, and if so, were you able to fix the issues with these tips.


If you’re on iOS 9 or later, then check our post for some tips on how to fix the Wi-Fi problems.

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  • Mlind

    Resetting network settings seems to have helped my iPad 2 thanks

  • Erick

    turning off wifi networking did the trick, THANKS!!!

  • I_think_so

    I Have tried all these tips several times, including once restoring my iphone 5s as a new iphone, but I still have the network issues.

    I used to love to play timed chess matches, but after ios8 I’m not able to.. half of my time is spent on reconnecting.. Also very notciable on other apps like when I get videos on messenger, youtube etc.. it’s very laggy. I wish I somehow could “upgrade” to ios7 where none of these problems were present.

    The “spinning circle” is my logo for ios8..

  • dragon

    I have a problem with iphone 4S after update ios8.0.2…there is not properly function of home-central taster.
    Is it possible to resolve?

  • Nish

    None of the above suggestions worked. My wifi keeps dropping every 20 second. But still I appreciate you for the time you have taken to help us… I hope Apple come up with a fix ASAP.

    • Gautam

      As a workaround, you could try changing the security settings on your router from WEP to WPA2 to see if it helps. It seems to have helped some readers.

  • Chrystyan Collier

    My wife and I purchased our iPhone 6’s at the same time. I rarely use mine, since I’ve now both dropped it on concrete and in dog feces, but hers is in great condition. I attributed my networking issues to a hardware malfunction as a result of the impacts, but when her Wifi was throwing an error that it could not scan networks when I was attempting to manually enter the connection details, I went looking.

    I did steps 1 and 2, and the issue was resolved! Then I did step 2 on my phone and it resolved the issue as well! Thanks for the great article! I’d really like to know if Apple plans to release an update to address this obvious caching issue.

  • Andrew Baird

    I updated to 8.2 the other day and my assesive touch won’t let me enable it in my settings. After activating it goes right Mack to grey. Includes shortcuts as well. Also I use to have let all the time. Now it only says 4g. No lte icon. Anyone else know what to do to fix?

  • b p

    Dear arrogant pricks at Apple,
    Fix these IOS 8 problems please. Do you not care about your customers?
    BTW my iphone 4 on IOS 7.1.2 works just fine.My ipad air with IOS 8.2 is pretty much a worthless piece of crap.
    I don’t know much about android but it can’t be this crappy.
    I have tried every suggestion listed here and more and restored my ipad 3 times and still no good. Wifi connects for about 10 secnds and just drops.
    Just get me back to IOS 7 and I will quit complaining.

    • NaiveCanadian2centsDollar

      my iphone 4 works fine with my wifi. my iphone 5s doesnt. just went over by data limit by 300mbs on my phone wonder whos gonna pay for that

      • Jwbmom99

        Me too

      • aida


    • Golden Fury


    • Hygu

      My ipad2 and my iphone 5s are useless as the wifi doesnt work correctly! I feel sorry for the person who will be serving me tomorrow at apple store! I am furious.

    • Frenzeed

      I’m with you with their inability to address the problem but i found that after a full reset “DON’T” restore from backup. so far so good

      • Aaya

        I tried restoring as new phone, still no use:( probably will have to replace it.

    • Aaya

      Just wondering if you solved the wifi problem? because ive been having the same issue on my iphone 6 for a month now. P.S i get attacked from other apple users when i criticize apple for not being able to deliver a basic function, just because their phones work fine.

      • ISO 8.1 user

        For me none of the above worked for me. I went to apple’s web site and did what they specified for their general wifi configurations.
        I use a TP-Link wireless router . Under Wpa/WPA2, Apple advised to use version – WPA2 on my router it’s WPA2-PSK – encryption – AES. That seemed to do the trick for me! I’m on 8.1.2 by the way

        • Nitin Sharma

          I am also using TP Link Router and facing the same challenge can you kindly email me the steps of the configurations.

      • Arjun Gupta

        hi, try changing the DNS to
        my issue is fixed

        • Aaya

          I did that and it repeatedly kept asking me for the wifi password until it eventually gave me “Unable to join”

          • Arjun Gupta

            may be its an incompatible wifi router. suggest you go to an Apple Store and ask them to replace it if necessary

      • b p

        i took it to the apple store after trying all of their fixes. their genius decided my wi fi antenna was busted and gave me a replacement ipad. so i am back to being happy.

    • Ricardo

      You are right. I replaced my ipad for another new one. Nothin make the ipad. I spent about 2000 between my new iphone and ipad. This is the most horrible thing that i have dome in my life. I switch from android to come a get this crap of machines. The most chip android work better then this overprices crap


    I’m new Apple user , got myself a iPad Air and a iPhone 5s, updated my iPhone to ios 8 , we’ll wifi doesn’t work tried all methods mention but no luck, as a new Apple user I’m totally disappointed with Apple, Thinking of going back to Android

    • Stag

      I just got a new 5s and was having the same problem. The only thing that worked for me what changing the name of my wireless network.

  • Billy

    I wish I’d not upgraded my phone and I pad to latest version it is a nightmare, both have slowed right down and keep crashing. Tried a re set but problems remain it’s driving me crazy. Both worked perfectly on the iOS 7 version.

  • VelvetKnight

    When I first heard about the “WiFi Networking” fix a few weeks ago, I tried that and it worked perfectly on my iPhone5 but not the iPad4. I even did a full restore, and nada.

    Just tried resetting network settings, and so far that appears to work. We’ll see after a bit more usage. Thanks!

  • Katie

    Just purchased the iPhone 6 and it keeps dropping wifi every 2 hours or so. The only solution is to turn off and turn back on my phone. Doing that every two hours can get super annoying! Also, everything is loading so slow! It takes at least 30 seconds for instagram pictures to load or for Facebook to load. Sometimes it just comes up “couldn’t reload”. I hope this gets fixed!

    • EyesLikeBroccoli

      Only every two hours? Since switching my phone on at 9am this morning I’ve had to restart my phone 35+ times (its 2:30 pm now) to keep wi-fi connectivity at work. This is not even an exaggeration. I know it’s not the network as my colleague has an earlier iOS on her iPhone and hers is perfect. Apple have disappointed me even more than usual.

      Switching off wi-fi networking didn’t work but I have just reset Network Settings and waiting for the inevitable dropping off of the wi-fi. So far I’ve been connected for 10 mins without loss of connectivity, which is about average before it starts to play up again. Fingers crossed…

  • El

    Reset network settings worked for me. I bought my iphone 6 before my business trip and was having network issues all the time. I got frustrated and stopped using my phone. This article was a great help!

  • stevesancarlos

    Turning off the ‘location services’ thingie worked like magic. Thank you!

  • Aditya goyal

    I am using 5s and i am having major issues with wifi. Tried all the steps mentioned above including the full restore from itunes, but i am still having issues. For starters, the major problem is the very very small range. Wifi seems to catch my ssid only when my iphone is just near the router. As soon as i start to move away like even a foot away from router. The wifi signal starts falling till th point it doesn’t recognize my ssid. My router is n300 belkin. It works fine with ipad 2 and other android phones. But this is frustrating. Any help please.

    • Ken

      Aditya, it could be an issue with your phone’s built in wi-fi card. I had a 4s that did exactly the same thing. Go to an Apple store and they will fix or replace it.

  • Mish

    Thanks for the advice Resetting my network settings fixed the problem

  • AdinaKay

    OMG thank you for this article. After upgrading to IOS 8 in my iPad 3, the wifi stopped working and rendered my tablet almost useless.
    I was about to give up on this iPad completely, since after resetting the WiFi settings multple times didn’t work.
    But disabling WiFi networking finally got it back to normal.

  • Kasper

    Looks like turning off wifi networking did the trick for me so far.
    Ridiculous Apple hid System services that deep down, looks like they got something to hide…

  • kerry

    sine doing the update on my iphone 5s 2 weeks ago i cant get any internet when im home but soon as i go anywhere else it works but very slow im really getting annoyed with this

  • Iphone

    Thanks apple ! you broke all theses phones with your updates, phone that we used to love and our only answer is buy a new one? we care about the old ones I have five of them but soon not more! If I going to buy new ones and spend my hard earn dollars it will be with a company that fixes there mistake and focus on there problems that THEY created for there customers and not what best for them and im sure 1000s will follow me, But if you want a 2nd chance roll back out the old 7.1 and every thing will work on the old phones wow! omg ! its so simply problem solved ! How much do you pay your people ??? Wake up apple!

    • Sam

      Trust me when I say you will see the same issues with the Galaxy s5 or any other phone. There are way too many devices, configurations, etc for everything to work together perfectly all the time. At least with apple solutions are easier to find as every single phone isn’t totally different from every other phone like you see with androids.

      • iKool

        I actually disagree with that. You can’t solve your issues yourself if they are system based. You do get better customer service though.

  • Tequila Jack

    I have the iphone 4s and everything was cool until iOS 8.0.1 then things turned to shit. Same story as everybody else, with all these so called improvements the one item we use the most doesn’t work. So I updated to the new iOS 8.1 and still WiFi doesn’t work. What now, wait longer until they fix the problem. Would they understand if my payment developed a “bug” and didn’t make it on time. “Maybe the patch will work on the next payment, you’ll just have to wait and see”.

  • Ali

    Hello all,
    For those who have not yet figured out how to fix WIFI problems, I had the same problem did everything I could to fix WIFI
    but all efforts was in wane. Finally, it turned out that the problem
    was with my network channel.So, I contacted the Internet company and
    informed them that my new phone is unable to connect to WIFI and they
    changed settings of my internet and everything resolved !.. I am so
    happy now because my beautiful i phone 6 without WIFI was just a pieces of LCD ! you can do the same and see the results

  • Leroy Brussee

    Ever since upgrading to IOS 8, including IOS 8.01, 8.02 and 8.1 I had the wellknown Wifi issue.

    wifi speeds dropping from 120mbps to about 2mbps @ 5ghz in within a minute after connecting to the wifinetwork. often i couldn’t even surf at all. but the wifi signal was always strong.

    With every update i was hoping for a solution from Apple but it never came.
    Tried everything that can be found on the internet.
    Resetting the network settings.
    Disabling “wifi networking” under Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services.
    Reinstalling my Ipad from scratch
    Used different routers and different setups.
    Automatic ip’s and fixed ip’s and different dns servers just to be sure.

    Nothing worked. The only workaround is switching to a 2.4Ghz network.
    So i was doing some tests and found THE solution, but i don’t like it all.

    One of the biggest changes in IOS 8 is the ability to use airplay without a network. by using a wifi connection in combination with bluetooth.

    And here lies the problem.

    I disconnected al my Airplaydevices from my network. Denon AV-amplifier AVR2113, Pioneer wireless speaker XW SMA3 and an airport express.

    Et voila… My Ipad is back to normal. fast… no very fast internet connection and stable as hell. Just like iOS 7 was.
    Working with it for a couple of hours now without any trouble at all.
    But do i connect one Airplay device to the network the wifi is not stable anymore and extremely slow again on my ipad air.
    My Macbook running mac os x mavericks doesn’t have these issues, neither does my iphone 5S. and they are also on the same 5ghz network.
    So I can create and recreate the issue and create a work around… Apple please come with a solution that makes me able to use airplay an ipad (on ios8) on a 5ghz network! like in iOS 7!!!!

  • pauldj

    I believe 8.1 fixed the iTunes wifi sync problem.
    iTunes sees the iPhone, and wifi sync has been working properly for 48 hours, and counting.

  • Yeah because he did so well checking for the antenna problem…

  • Jerry

    Turning off Wifi networking and resetting the Network settings worked for me and also fixed the problem with Wifi calling on Tmobile. Thanks!

  • RogerSC

    WEP has been so far deprecated that it isn’t supported in a lot of places. It can be cracked so easily, you might as well just use your network with no security. WPA2/AES is the only security that you can use and have your WiFi go full speed, anyways.

  • RogerSC

    Had to do a full restore install using iTunes to get WiFi back, nothing else worked:
    – Disconnected from network and reconnected.
    – Turned WiFi on and off.
    – Turned Airplane mode on and off.
    – Reset network settings.

    But after restore install with iTunes, and restoring apps and settings from a working backup, everything is just fine. Waste of time, though. Hopefully no more problems with WiFi for a long time.

  • Atticus

    Look for the YouTube video on how to use a hairdryer to reset wifi chip. It works. Have done it with every update since iOS 7.

  • Jenn

    I’m the only one in the house with an Iphone and I’m the only one that can’t get connected to our wifi. I’m switching to an android. This is ridiculous.

  • Tom Moore

    i Have an iPad Air 2 with iOS 8.1. When I initially set it up, the WiFi was fine. After a while I noticed that the WiFi was disconnected. Tried to manually reconnect and I consistently get the “Password is incorrect” message. Have tried resetting the network settings. Have tried rebooting the Time Capsule, have tried rebooting the iPad. Tried the “Forget Network” option. None of that worked. I did a Reset all Settings on the iPad, and was able to connect to the network again, however this morning I came back and it wouldn’t connect again.

  • Bree

    My wifi is just greyed out. Wont let me do anything.Tried resetting everything, tried the freezer trick, nothing works
    . Grrr

    • amy

      so is mine just updated ipad again and nothing is helping

  • Jae

    I couldn’t connect at home but could connect at other places that offered free wifi. I tried all the suggestions even downloaded the new iOS 8.1. Still nothing fixed it. Then I found another suggestion to upgrade my router settings from N network to G network. Logged in to my router settings and sure enough there was an upgrade available. Upgraded and lost all wifi connection for about 5 minutes. Panic set in but as soon as it came back up I had wifi back on my iPhone 6. Didn’t even have to do anything on my phone for it to connect. Hope this helps someone else.

    • Rod

      use airport utility to reset router. Worked for me after trying all the other above solutions. iPhone 5s.

  • Karen

    Thanks, resetting network settings worked for me, thanks

  • Ios8eatsit

    I had the same problem. none of above worked. The solution was to download a different browser not use safari. Im flyn on mercury no problems, iphone runs like on ios 7.

  • NGN

    My ipad, after 8.1 update, the wifi is not working. Done all the things which has been mentioned here but nothing. Pls help.

  • Golden Fury

    From what I am reading I don’t think I should update to 8.0.2. any suggestions on what I do?

  • Lisa

    You can try to close your services. When you do that you can make a Wi-Fi connection with your own router. Then put your services on again and you’ll have Wi-Fi. If it works for a longer time, i don’t really know. But at this moment it works perfect!

  • David HH

    Yes, thanks v. much – resetting network settings did the trick!
    Much appreciated, thanks again.

  • BillD

    An iPad 2, iPad 3, and 2x iPhone 4S are all having WiFi connection issues since upgrading to iOS 8.1. Was using a year old Apple Extreme router. Bought a top of the line $450 LinkSys, thinking the router had died. It didn’t change a thing. Bought an iPad Air 2 and it had WiFi connection problems from the start. Disconnects every so often while in extended use. Also disconnects when it sleeps. Connection speed was dismal, even compared to my ancient iPads.

    I just tried something which I saw on one Apple forum post. I basically crippled my brand new AC router by forcing 2.4GHz to be WiFi b/g and 5GHz to be WiFi N. The connection on the iPad Air 2 has been much more stable since doing this. I still need to test the other devices. Overall, this is incredibly disappointing after using iOS devices since version 1.0 and I hope Apple fixes this.

  • Brenden

    I tried this on a ipad fixed it for a hour now back to the same thing not buying another apple product

  • Wassaw99

    Changing network setting worked great. I think back to old speeds after iOS 8 practically made my iPad worthless. Four calls to AppleCare resulted in nothing.

    Thanks so much for your suggestions. Ipad4, ios8.2

  • igorml

    I had slov wifi problems on iOS 8.1. I reset network settings and now it works great. Thank you.

  • PH

    I’ve just bought the iPhone 6, 128Gb, this piece of shit! My only relief is regret doesn’t kill….

  • PH

    I’ve done all these procedures, even reseting the hole crap but still… same shit…

  • Howie

    My iphone 6 continues to have wifi problems cannot hold connection and when it does slow like dial up

    • 9to5Slavery

      It’s because you have AT&T DSL

  • Peep

    still can’t solve this wifi problem :/
    iPhone 5/ 5s and ios7 are the best…this iPhone 6 and ios 8 is a pure shit..and waste of money !! Now I regret why i bought this… :'(

  • HULK

    fixed the problem with static ip and dns

  • Kazinji

    I seem to have to reset network daily. Trying with location services off though now.

  • apple blows

    I bought iPad over android because I thought they were flawless. My iPad is now a paper weight due to APPLES OWN UPDATE!!! FIX IT NOW!!!

  • Husch

    My iPad will open a sight but then will not do anything… As I go to settings it will open but then I can’t do anything, not even scroll, any ideas?

  • CD101

    My Iphone 6 wont even let me have the option to turn WI FI on ….. It is 4 days old and was working perfectly for a day or two then stopped all of a sudden.

  • no longer frustrusted

    resetting network settings WORKED thank you!

  • Ann

    I’ve just updated my 4s with 8.1.1 and now it won’t pick up any wifi I’ve tried resetting networks but still no go. Any one have any other ideal?


    Go to ICloud under settings and make sure Keychain is turned. It has to be on for Wifi to work. In order to turn on you must be connected to wifi, so If you are on IPad connect to hotspot on IPhone. Make sure and enter security code.

  • TexasComputerMan

    My ipad air would not connect with any of my 3 access points. I tried the Reset Network Settings and it works fine now

  • Mad

    Apple is too big to be a good product anymore. Where is my android?

  • Jared Norwood

    How do you change that? I have a modem not a router. Please help

    • 9to5Slavery

      Connecting to wifi? Or your modem us your router all in one?

  • Archie Montoyo

    This solved my issue thanks!

  • Zarathustra

    I just had to disable wifi on my wifes new iphone 6 plus as she cant browse without routine disruptions. My LG G2 is rock solid. Purge Apple stock on market open.

  • Sunirmal

    With iOS 8.1.1 Wifi Toggle button is disabled now. Tried restore and all the things mentioned here.. same issue. Not working from Control center as well… What an iOS update…

    • Sunirmal

      I’m on iPad Air

  • Bek

    Just wanted to come back and say that resetting the network settings worked for me! I have a 5s and my wifi has been losing connection for months, driving me crazy! this did the trick and it’s continued to work ever since. thank you!

  • Heather

    I tried the second suggestion and reset my network settings – FINALLY can access the WiFi here at work – will have to see if my home WiFi works later. Thanks for the help!

  • Sabinchen

    Hey!! I was able to fix my phone’s problem by resetting the network settings like you suggested. Thank you SO much, I never would have thought of that!!

  • Miguel

    I have done all of the above, and restored my phone. Sometimes I won’t be able to turn the wifi option on on my phone, and other times it just won’t connect. Can’t be a network problem because my family’s phones and the iPad connect just fine.

  • Anuj Shrestha

    now i officially hate Apple never gonna buy its product
    Damn this iphone cost me a fortune cant even throw it away

  • neil ferrer

    My iphone 4s have problem connection wifi i try all the setting to do work it.I erase all the settings network but nothing happen. .plz fix it i cannot connect to the internet. .

  • slash345

    Will be my first and last apple product I ever own. I’m getting an android.

    Apple is earning itself a really bad reputation.

  • Aaya

    The thing is, I changed it to WPA2 but it still didnt work. I ran out of solutions.

    • 9to5Slavery

      Bad wifi issues? You’re too far from wifi? You toggle wifi on and off too quickly on the device. Give it about 10seconds before you switch it on or off

      • Aaya

        tried everything, believe me. I gave it all the time it needs, and stood right next to it. All devices at home connect fine to it except my iPhone 6.

        • 9to5Slavery

          Probably need apple specialist in store so they can exchange you a new iPhone 6.

    • Muhammad Ali

      witch ios device you have & what is wifi & bluetooth address check it in settings/general/about .

  • RH

    I threw my phone at the wall.

  • Km

    Thanks! It really helped me A LOT! Yey. ☺️☺️☺️☺️ Thank God, I thought that I had to go to the apple store. I hate IOS 8

  • Jamie

    This is shocking from Apple again! I have 2 tablets on my wifi, iPad air iOS 8 best it can manage on my wifi is 8 Mb sometimes as slow 3 Mb, my 2 year old nexus 7 same connection 20-25 Mb all day long. Seriously this is not acceptable Apple.

  • Viktor

    For me turning off Wifi Networking didnt solve the problem, neither did resetting Network Settings, but after turning off Diagnostics & Usage also (along with Wifi Networking), now it works.

  • Andrew Bassett

    i cant believe i wasted my money on this shit, wifi sucks and these steps DO NOT HELP i’m buying android next!

  • Mian Talha Shah

    Hey guyzzz there is internet problem with my iphone 4s its wifi works but its browser does not open the page which were related to internet. And i check it on different routers(Wifi) but the result is same. What I do for it??????????????

  • Benjamin Hüll

    I tried everything I can think off:

    1. reset ipad
    2. reset network settings
    3. reset all setings
    4. restore ipad from backup
    5. restore ipad and set up as new
    6. reset router
    7. changing security
    8. changing password
    9. turning off/on different services on the ipad :/

    with 8.1 it at least connected to free wi-fi, but with 8.2. even that doesnt work anymore. WTF!?!?! I have ipad 3

  • GeorgiaGirl

    I tried all of the fixes and finally switching the DNS server. That has given me WiFi again on my iPad2

  • IntoTheWoods

    I had the similar connectivity issues between my new iPhone6 and my Comcast wifi. None of the suggestions here worked… it turned out to be an equipment problem. Depending upon your provider, the modem and router they provide my be older technology. My problem was solved when I go the newest integrated Modem/Router from Comcast..

  • Solomon

    Finally it worked! I solved my WiFi problem after I disabled the WiFi Networking from Location Services.

    Thank you so much for this information.

  • Debi

    My IPad Air connects just fine – no loss of connectivity there. It’s just the IPhone 6 – and I tried manually entering my network and doing a reset – still doesn’t work right. Once it drops the wifi, it can’t even find my network unless I reboot the phone. Same with the Bluetooth function in the car. Have to reboot everytime I get in the car to make it connect. Ridiculous.

  • Jenny Jen-Jen

    My iPhone 4S just searches for Wifi! Nothing will ever load!

  • dasha

    thanks for the info – the first trick worked! 🙂

  • Trudi

    I updated my iPhone 4s a week ago and since then, I had no wifi. I’ve tried all the above and nothin has worked.

  • Tyre67

    My wifi keeps telling me “Incorrect Password” but I try it over and over again with the right one. No this did not help me but thank you for your wonderful attempts for help. I’m taking my phone into best buy tomorrow probably.

    • Tyre67

      Btw Apple STEP UP YOUR GAME you obviously don’t care about your customers

  • missboomski

    tried reseting the networks – that DID NOT work, not going to reset the phone as I would assume that would be redundant considering attempting the network reset. Super irritating when trying to wifi transfer files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    my iphone 6 on 8.1.2 continuously using wifi in background even when all services are turned off.. no measure is working and due to excessive usage, the battery is draining very fast.

  • Kendog55

    I have a new iPhone 6+ and my wifi connects then drops! I’ve tried all of the above but no luck! My wife’s 4 & my old 5s are great but nothing on this at my home wifi! My office wifi connects & stays on! Go figure!

  • zandi4555

    my wifi signal bars come up but i can’t refresh or load any of my apps, the wheel just keeps loading ?

  • photon6

    After performing the Privacy setting change, I recommend going into Airplane Mode for a sec or 2, then back online (take off of Airplane Mode) – this seems to help reinitialize network settings quickly.

  • Jack

    None of the above does work. My iphone now does not work on 20 out of 22 routers. Worked perfectly on IOS7. Broke on IOS 8 and has not worked since. I am very angry and will not ever buy another apple product. The company died with Jobs. Very sad.

  • Edge

    Just to add to this discussion, iphone 5 much slower than Mac so tried the above except a full reset. Helped a bit – do the usual of switching on/off of home routers. After this it was a bit better BUT if you have a VPN network, On iPhone 5 it’ll be in the settings, just slide bar to off – it’ll try to switch VPN off but automatically switches back on.
    Did this & the phone upto Max speed

  • Edge

    Oh, to add to previous comments
    On your routers check Security Mode is ‘WPA2/ Personal’ & WPA Algorithmns set to ‘AES’.
    Just something recently found out from Steve Jenkins Blog on a Cisco router

  • Similar problems here with my new iPad Air 1: lousy and shaky wifi performance, frequent page or frame freezes. Tried all the above, did not help.

    Then I switched my wifi router (DLink DWR923) from default 11ng to 11g protocol, and now wifi performance is as good as the rest of the devices on that network,

  • Rebecca Newsome

    worked for me for about a minute then went right back to dropping wifi or will not load pages in safari. i’ve tried every fix and none work or if they do work they work for about a minute.

  • Liron

    Great thanks.
    i have Iphone 5C and i did “Reset Network Settings” and its working again 🙂

  • MR B.

    Hello all,
    to fix WIFI problems, I had the same problem did everything I could to fix WIFI
    but all efforts failed. Removed case from iPhone and WI-FI works fine.

  • Dwight

    Verizon is sending me a new Iphone 5c because it would not connect to WiFi even after reset to factory settings and going through all the trouble shooting steps. I’m convinced that this problem is directly linked to the 8.1.1 and/or combination of ios 8 programs down load. The new phone being sent comes with a 90 day warranty so if this malfunction happens again then I’m stuck with buying another phone to finish out the 2 year contract?? Really!! I’m hoping it will last long enough so till can switch to Samsung S-5 or something other than a Iphone..worst product on the market!!

  • Lisadomino

    Tried the first two in this list and wifi connectivity drop out problem now fixed – really appreciate the advice, thanks!

  • crazyA

    nice, it works. i just changed the DNS number. thanks lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe D

    Expensive piece of s**t. I will never ever buy any apple *it* in the future.

  • RB

    My ipad mini was the same after update to 8.1.2. Would not be able to connect to wifi networks nor find them most of the time. Sometimes greyed out wifi. I fixed by jailbreaking and installing WiFried from Cydia. After that I just go to AirDrop in control panel and turn on WiFried. No problems with wifi after that.

  • usman

    I have done all the suggested things but all in vain…? i tried to connect my iphone with iTunes through my laptop but i am not able to connect please if someone can help me i will be great full.

  • Jp

    Yes resetting networking setting helped me as well. Thank u very much

  • linda

    Hi, after I update my iPad mini to 8.1.2 it totally cannot connect to Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi button cannot turn on. How can I solve this problem. Thanks

  • TonyG

    My Iphone 6’s wifi toggle/button is dimmed and will not allow me to turn it on. This is extremely frustrating as its still a new phone and the problem only started after updating to IOS 8.1.3 . I have restarted it numerous times and reset my network settings, twice. FIX IT PLEASE

  • Hugo

    I tried all these options but without sucess,

    After contact Apple helpline they suggested changing the router’s security protocol for WPA2 only and the problem its solved 🙂

    Good luck!

  • angry apple user

    none of these worked at all and ive tried them over and over again. i reset my ipod 5 completly and then for minute i thought there was hope but no again. i was connected for a hour, a hour! someone please tell me theres a fixing of this going on :< i cant take this, its so aggervating

  • jeremy

    thank you so freakin much i thought my wifi was broken!!!!

  • Joseph Howard

    My iPhone 5C was getting around 3 Mbps on a 50 Mbps line, while my laptop was getting around 38. I used the Reset Network Settings Option (remember to have your SSID handy) and it worked a treat! Cheers!

    • Joseph Howard

      I take it back… First Speedtest brought me back up into the 40’s but second and I was back down to 3.01. Running iOS 8.1.3, and it’s only happening on my phone… This must be some problem if Apple are spending an eternity fixing it. Roll on iOS 9!

  • Arnold Rothenbuescher

    Same issue here with wi-fi connections, only on one of the 2 5s’s we have. Both phones are set up identically. My wife overloaded her photo/video file with way too much stuff and all attempts at reducing the GB load failed, so her phone only had the first IOS.8 update. A complete phone reset had to be done to clear up the GB space issue and then allow the newest IOS.8.1.3 to download.
    Now, I cannot get her phone connected to any wi-fi at all. I would think that hers should be using the same network as mine (OVTH3), but when I attempt to get it set up, it still tells me to choose a network.

    Getting tired of it all ans wish there was an answer.

  • Timothy M Higdon

    To Apple, please repair this 60′ cockroach and I will continue to promote you

  • ty

    Well I have a problem…I can’t download the update because I don’t have internet on my dang phone. I think Apple overlooked this.

  • Andrew

    How am I supposed to restore my iPhone with no internet connection…

    • Gautam

      You need to use iTunes.

  • Byron Mason

    Wow, I finally figured it out!!! Here’s what you do… go to your nearest cell phone provider and pick out any phone/tablet that isn’t made by Apple… this solution will work perfectly every time.

  • Chuck

    I found that giving each access point in the house a different name resolved some problems. Perhaps the algorithm for switching points gets confused (for instance, http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203068 – it’s not just for enterprises any more).

  • sweedn

    i need help.

    i have an iphone 5c, that ive connected to my home wifi.
    my phone is connected and it shows that it is, but when i go to use for an example skype or something else it says no connection. this is weird because my mam who is connected to the same internet can use her computer and her phone perfectly fine.

    ive tried all of the options abow and its still not working, any tips bout what i could do?

  • Nahchan

    Yes! If everything is normal, and then one day ur wifi all of a sudden just becomes SUPER SLOW or even stops working And it says u clearly have wifi however when u want to access an app it says “no internet” bla boa u get it if u have the same prob anyways try resting the network settings! it actually works cuz just restarting ur phone never seems to work. Im starting to hate apple now. cuz of the wit and stuff .. even my mac has the same probe at times. Idk lets all move to android and then apple will be all like “omg we gotta fix this or we’re all unemployed in 2 months” Steve Jobs literally fixed every prob asap but his employees just.. wow takes 2 years to still not be able to fix the issues. people have been having this prob since late 2013 -.- anyways just reset network settings if ur having the same prob as me (described above)

  • My-Two Cents-Worth

    Good News
    1. Turn off wi-fi count to 5 turn on wi-fi
    2. Renew lease
    3. Takes hardly any time and works every time.

    Bad News
    1. Dropping wi-fi can happen within minutes or last for hours.

    A couple of other notes.
    Wi-fi never drops when I am within close proximity of router but when I am the furthermost from it it goes into quirk mode — works then drops and when I do the good news thingie it works again but you never know when it will drop.

    If I am streaming Netflix is never drops — Go figure although some engineer out there might be able to

    Using iPad2 which worked fine until update. My son in law (our resident IT expert) and I almost had words for at first I thouht he might be gaming the system in hi favor until he showed me the problems others were having.

  • HH

    I had issues with my iPad keeping a connection to my home wifi network. I read all these fixes that led me to believe it was my device and like a dumb sh*t was pissed at Apple.

    All I needed was a new Wifi Router because my old one could handle all my devices.

    • HH

      Edit: my old router could NOT handle connecting all my devices successfully to the Internet so I needed a new router. Everything works fine now.

  • Alex

    Thanks, resetting networks settings worked for me. 🙂

  • Arjun Gupta

    thank u so much. changing the DNS to has fixed the issue!

  • Lars Janssen

    Thanks for this article. Resetting the network settings did it for me (location was switched off anyway).

    I’m only using my work iPhone to develop/test websites so that Apple users get a good experience. As I usually use Android for my personal phone, I’m amazed at the difference in quality – I’ve had Motorola, Samsung and HTC phones and none of them have had so much difficulty in connecting to WiFi.

    I have no idea why people put up with this! I’m not loyal to any one brand and just pick what seems like the best phone every couple of years when I want an upgrade.

    Seriously, my HTC One M8 is by far the fastest, most reliable and easiest to use phone I’ve ever had, and the iPhone 5S with IOS 8.0.buggy.as.hell reminds me of the last Nokia smart phone that I deeply regretted buying about 6 years ago.

    I guess nothing upsets a geek more than flaky connectivity. 😉

  • Gabriel Mojay

    I’ve disabled the Wi-Fi Networking Services, reset the Network Settings (3 times) and have set a Custom DNS — nothing works.
    My latest iOS iPhone’s WiFi still constantly comes and goes, comes and goes — so the WiFi is unusable.
    Can I reinstall iOS 7? — at least it worked!

  • Jody

    Resetting the network setting worked for me on my 5C.

  • steph

    ive only just got this problem this morning 🙁 it worked before i went to work but then when i came home it stopped working. i have tried all these apart from resting my phone. please help me

  • ben franklin [pre death]

    Time to move on from Apple, people… At least temporarily. The only way to properly instruct a corporation in our current system of economics is to punish them in the marketplace. Time to start buying Samsung, LG, etc. at least until Apple starts to shape up again. Far too many people complain about these problems and then simply go and buy the new device encouraging Apple’s bad behavior. I attribute this to Apple’s impeccable marketing and manipulation techniques. When a company blatantly ignores its customers’ plees and demands for this long it’s time to show them we mean business. Time for the Apple fanboy cult to start waking up from their slumber. I encourage everyone to stop buying Apple products until they begin to support their legacy products. I’m not unreasonable, I don’t expect them to support iPad one or iPad 2 when the five comes out but you need to support at least two prior generations especially when you’re pumping out new versions every year. At least Microsoft waited until Windows 8.1 was out before retiring XP…

  • kishor

    hi guys i fixed this issue..
    none of the above triks or tips are worked..

    simply follow blow 2 steps:

    1. first check ur time zone GMT+.. , is it exactly matching to urs.,
    2. open manual wirless settngs ., which shows SSID/Network name, security type (change security type to WPA2 or WPA2/AES or WPA2/PSK) etc.,
    3. Reset ur network settings in ur iPhone ( mine is iPhone 4s with iOs8.1.3)
    4. Enable WiFi .,
    5.Select other to configure manually & enter details which u hav at step 2.
    6. clik join network & provide password
    Hurrrrey.. Its Working..


    catch me at : sivakitty@gmail.com