iCloud.com could gain Photos app ahead of Photos for OS X release

iCloud.com Photos

With the release of Photos for OS X not slated until early next year, it seemed that there might be no way for Mac customers to view pictures from their iCloud Photo Library without using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. A few different screenshots and error messages, however, reveal that Apple could soon be adding a Photos app to iCloud.com.

The screenshot above is sourced from an Apple support page that is supposed to be focused on Mail or Family Sharing, but the most important part of the image is that it contains a small Photos app icon in the drop-down menu. It could simply be assumed that Apple made a Photoshop mistake, but some pretty solid evidence suggests otherwise.

If you open a web browser and type beta.icloud.com/#photos into the address bar, while signed into your iCloud account, you will be taken to the iCloud.com main landing page and given an error that there was a problem loading the Photos application. While not concrete proof, the error message does prove that a Photos app does exist in some form.

Take a closer look at the screenshot and decide for yourself:

iCloud Website Photos

The error message does not display for any other URL strings, meaning that there likely does exist a Photos app behind the scenes. Interestingly enough, the error can only be accessed from the beta version of iCloud.com. Coincidentally or not, Apple also denotes iCloud Photo Library as a beta feature on iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The status of iCloud Photo Library is currently unknown. It appeared that Apple was going to include the feature on the publicly released version of iOS 8, until pulling the service at the last minute and reverting it back to beta. It is possible that the recent massive celebrity photo leak attributed to iCloud is the reason behind the unexpected delay.

Keep in mind that Apple may never release this Photos app on iCloud.com to the public.

[via 9to5Mac]