iOS 8 bugs we’ve found till now

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iOS 8 added tons of changes, included huge additions to the SDK, that developers use to build apps, and a lot of new user-facing features as well such as Interactive Notifications, Notification Center Widgets, smarter keyboard with QuickType, third-party keyboard support, all-new Messages app Siri improvements and lots more.

However, as with every major release, iOS 8 also has a number of bugs. Users have been complaining about faster battery drain, Wi-Fi issues, Bluetooth connectivity issues, Blue screen of death (BSOD) problems after upgrading to iOS 8. We list some of the bugs that have been reported in iOS 8 below:

Blue Screen of Deaths

Windows is infamously known for its Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD), where the entire OS crashes, showing you a blue screen. Apple has made fun of Windows for this, but iOS 8 is causing a lot of BSODs in iOS devices as well. The device’s entire screen goes blue for a second, after which it resprings. Most of the crashes are happening on an iPad.


One of the most high-profile issue is a problem with iOS 8’s new HealthKit framework that breaks all HealthKit compatible apps. Apple was forced to ask developers to take down their HealthKit compatible apps following the discovery of the issue, after which the company gave a statement saying:

“We discovered a bug that prevents us from making HealthKit apps available on iOS 8 today,” writes Apple. “We’re working quickly to have the bug fixed in a software update and have HealthKip apps available by the end of the month.”

The HealthKit framework was a way to let developers read and write data into Apple’s new Health iOS app. Many fitness enthusiasts were excited by the Health app, but it looks like they’ll have to wait for iOS 8.0.1, which will be released by the end of this month.

Safari File Upload

Apple recently added a new feature to Safari that let you upload photos and videos to websites. This feature appears to be broken in iOS 8:

Users have noticed that after upgrading to iOS 8.0 they cannot upload files from Safari.

Sad but true. The new iOS version has a bug that renders sending files by browsers impossible. When you choose a file in a form on HTML page and try to submit it, no file is sent in the request. The browser indicates that it’s waiting for a response, but in fact the response never comes.

Recovery Mode after OTA update

Many users are complaining that their device went into recovery mode after updating to iOS, forcing them to do a full restore via iTunes. This is especially bad for those who don’t have iTunes or iCloud backups.

Settings app crash

We’ve also noticed that the Settings app crashes on iOS 8 frequently, and many people are facing similar issues.

Settings app doesn’t remember Spotlight preferences

Trying to enable Spotlight suggestions and Bing Web results from Settings > General > Spotlight Search doesn’t do anything. Going back one level and tapping Spotlight Search again show the two options still disabled.

Status Bar bug

In some situations, iOS 8 shows two status bars, overlaid on top of each other.

Recent Photos/Camera Roll

There’s a lot of confusion being caused due to iOS 8’s removal of the Camera Roll. All your Photos are now organised under Moments, and Recently Added shows you photos from all your devices from the past 30 days. Some apps only show you your Recently Added photos, which led to bugs. From Dropbox’s blog:

We’ve discovered that Apple’s new iOS 8 introduces a compatibility issue that may prevent Dropbox and Carousel from properly uploading your photos and videos. This means that only the contents of your “Recently Added” album will upload automatically.

Dropbox fixed this issue in an update, but this change is causing a lot of confusion amongst users.

VPN gets connected automatically

We’ve heard reports of VPN being enabled automatically on the iPad running iOS 8, without any user prompt.

Keyboard disappears on switching

Reader Zach reports that the keyboard goes blank when tapping on the globe icon if you have third party keyboards installed.

Extensions Bugs

Extensibility is a new iOS 8 framework that lets developers extend certain parts of their system with their own apps. The folks at Tumblr detailed a number of bugs they discovered when building the Tumblr Share Extension. Some of them included not having background file uploads work inside Extensions, Extensions having mismatched status bar color and the extension showing within its container app.

Notification Banners getting stuck

Many users are reporting that Whatsapp and Facebook notification banner gets stuck at times.

App Update problems

It takes 3-4 tries to download and install an update, as reported by reader ConduciveMammal. I’ve faced this problem too when trying to update apps from the App Store.

Battery Issues

Several readers have noted that their battery lives have reduced significantly since updating to iOS 8. If you’re one of them, here are a few tips to help diagnose the problem, and take steps to improve battery life.

Keyboard switches to default

Many users have noticed that when using third party keyboards, at times iOS 8 switches back to the default iOS keyboard. While this behavior is expected when entering passwords, there are other times this happens too, which is clearly a bug.

No 3G Toggle

Under Cellular, the option to disable 3G has disappeared, and appears to be replaced with an LTE toggle. While this is useful for markets with LTE, countries like Turkey and India, which have 3G and not LTE, have lost the option to disable 3G and use EDGE.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, with Apple’s iOS 8.0.1 update lined up for the end of this month, we won’t have to wait a lot for these bugs to be fixed. Apple is working actively to track issues across various channels, including social media.

Have you faced any bugs, issues or crashes with iOS 8? Let us know in the comments below.


The article has been updated with few more bugs based on inputs from our readers in the comments below. Thank you everyon!

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  • Anthony

    Safari has so many bugs. Turning from portrait to landscape mode is slow or not responsive. Sometimes the touch screen does not work.

  • elle

    hey, i have an iphone 4s and when i upgrated ios 8 i have no service and it says searching. can somebody help me?

    • Sonu

      I too have same issue…from past 2 days no service..tried reseting all settings but nothing works…:(

  • Swat185

    Is anyone having issues with messenger not rotating or part of the keyboard not responding until you back out of the app and reopen it?

  • ArtisanX

    I have had several run ins with using the camera in Messages. The camera either freezes in a black screen, or when I “take photo” the last picture I took is still frozen. I have had this happen many times with twitter as well. To fix, I have to back out, close app and reopen. Very frustrating. I am running iOS 8.02 on iPhone 6.

    • IBIKO

      I have this too! it’s driving me nuts… maybe due to a load on message history? I have a lot of pics going back and forth through iMessage. tried deleting all images from the camera folders, including Burst photos… didn’t fix it

  • Guest

    On my ipad-Air and ios 8, 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 needs much more time to load and render pages. Often the Internet Access do not stop after the page has been loaded. In the top status bar is still showing transfer traffic…
    Even when writing this comment.
    It stops when closing safari.

  • Shalay

    My dictation microphone button disappeared….anyone else have issues with this?

  • Kent

    I am just amazed that the bug filled iOS 8 was not tested properly. My guess it is poor upper management at Apple. The rush to get the iPhone 6 to market with a new OS. I can only imagine the pressure and lack of sleep Apple software engineers were and still under. The conflict of the market driven shareholder ___ kissing bean counters versus the people who actually have to produce a product.

  • Wilfredo Martinez

    There are much more bugs! The settings app crashes all the time, text messaging keyboard freezes as you are typing when someone else texts you. I am doing a clean restore right now and will restore from iCloud.

  • Pranay

    1.There is a problem with the camrea app. Even when the orientation is locked, the icons are hanging upside down. Hence the pictures are upside down.
    2. Constant app crashes, safari freezes, app freeze
    3. Spotlight goes black/grey when pulled down to search

  • 1905 Adam

    Is there a way in which one can report bugs directly to apple? All sorts of weird stuff is happening in safari since updating to ios8 and 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 haven’t cured any of them! Ta!

  • feldspars

    Phone rings but nothing comes up on screen, can’t answer the phone or select audio mode. Siri crashes immediately both using Hey Siri or pressing button.

  • I put it my 6+ in the charger and it sets off the music player for no reason

  • New Apple skeptic

    Audiobooks tab and ability to play audiobooks (from iTunes!) is completely gone. This is a dealbreaker for me. Bring audiobooks back, Apple! It’s 70% of what I use my iPhone for!

  • New Apple skeptic

    In horizontal mode, keyboard buttons (especially backspace) don’t work. I have yet to be able to use my iPhone 6 in landscape/horizontal orientation.


    True caller is not working

  • daren

    Why are some of my app icons now just a grey box since upgrading to IOS8

  • Sean

    iPhone 6 regular, has a light blue half inch wide bar bouncing back and forth from left to right sometimes. It’s like its scanning my screen or something.

  • julzzzy

    This is A HUGE PROBLEM for me especially on my iPad. I literally have 100s of these and I use them constantly. The icon art was the only way I could identify most of them because there aren’t enough characters for the title and the picture made it super easy. Of the many ios 8 flaws this one makes me the most furious.

    • Cazzer

      I agree – it makes life so much easier and quicker lookng for a picture! So upset.

      • julzzzy

        Ha! As soon I posted ^^^ all of my missing posts magically appeared. The link is below in response to mjonlyinajeep in the same thread that began this discussion.

        • Gautam

          I see your replies. Disqus may have had a brief problem.

          • julzzzy

            Thanks for responding but I now only see 1 of the responses I made to Cazzer and not the reply that contained a way to fix the problem. An hour ago I could see it. That’s what the post you replied is pointing to.

          • julzzzy

            Annnd now it just appeared again -so weird

      • julzzzy

        All of my replies on here seem to have disappeared even though they show up when I click on my profile(but only on my ios devices)…Anyway, I’ll give it another shot since I found a bizarre but effective fix for this.

        You go into your settings and you change the language and then change it back to English. You have to be very careful when getting back to English if you don’t speak the other language and it seems like it takes an eternity in the dead brick stage while it’s changing languages but be patient, you’ll get all of your pics back. Good luck!

        PS Had to go to my profile, copy what I wrote, paste it in an email and send it to my laptop…If this works IOS 8 strikes again -if not I’m thinking this site hates me :/

        PPS Found my fix to this in the apple forum -I’ll post the link to this in another reply in case that was an issue.

  • jsandler

    I also noticed in my iphone 6 camera app, and also in photos app. swipe gestures are also effected with this bug.

  • julzzzy

    I’m having a hard time posting here. The keyboard sensitivity is almost not working at all and apps app(especially safari) open so S L O W L Y.

    • BlackPegasus

      Be sure to check if the fixed update is available on your iPad. It should be called 8.01 or something like that. Most of the issues I’ve had, such as the freezing keyboard, and the inability to upload photos have been remedied after the fixed update. However, I still hate what they’ve done to the photo stream, why do I have to delete photos twice? Ugh

      • julzzzy

        Haven’t used my pictures much since the update but since I have to go to my happy place each time I get the black screen of death, I think I’ll leave that one alone for now. But yeah, after hearing of all the issues people were having, I actually waited until the second update to even install so I’m as up-to-date as I can be 8.0.2. Hopefully a new (improved) one will be avail soon! My iPhone is working OKish but my iPad is just tragic. I actually tried to post this response much earlier -got it all typed up and the screen froze and would not unfreeze so I’m on the phone.
        After a ridiculous amount of freezes & BSOD in Safari, Facebook, YouTube,& Pinterest I got stuck on a page in Safari that wouldn’t even let me out of the app, let alone close it so I tried a hard reboot. The Apple went poof midway through and I got a black screen (which I have been getting intermittently in regular use) but this time I got nothin’ After 5 min I did another -white apple showed up but I got the same result. 2 more times I got the plug into iTunes screen which never works for me and always screws up my settings. So I did yet another reboot attempt resulting in dead brick. After a 1/2 hr I started praying I wouldn’t be forced to go to a freaking mall genius and about 10 minutes later the screen llit up and it started working again. So yay for that but ugh is right!!!

  • Edgar Lopez

    i had 300 songs on my ipod and then when i synced the ipod with my computer to get more it deleted almost all of them and now it only says i have 41 songs and when i try to redownload all my songs only the same 41 songs download

  • Cool guy # one

    I have music apps on my phone. Since I have updated to ios8 my music is all there but will not let me play my music. I have a lot of music that is very hard to get on my phone again. Nobody wants to sit and download music for days and days. Can you help me with this problem I have emailed the apps and they said it is an apple bug that has to be fixed. So how much longer do I have to not have my music. Thank you

  • Kishore Kirubananthan

    I downloaded FIFA 15 to my iPad,now this doesnt work after i installed iOS 8.It just says connecting to server.This includes apps such as FF6,Safari some othr high memory apps!!!

  • julzzzy

    I just discovered a really weird fix for this by switching languages and then back to English. You have to be very careful if there is not another language you speak because getting back to English can be tricky but this completely fixed the grid target looking things and also replaced some of my icons that got moved around or seemed to disappear. Found this on the apple discussion board posted by elhombrealto

  • Vlad

    I’ve notice all notifications get stuck, I either have to swipe them up manually or hit the home bottom to make them disappear.
    Also the audio chat option in messages for some reason limits me to 10 secs!! Also I tried use an audio feature in another app, and it’s limited to 10 secs as well, when its actually allows you to record up to 30 secs. It’s plenty more bugs, those are just some random annoying ones.

  • AaronJ

    I have an Iphone 6 with iOS 8.2 and when texting if I turn my phone horizontal the keyboard just doesn’t work at all. I have to turn my phone back to a vertical position to type anything. It doesn’t always happen but it does happen often. Its annoying because I find it easier to text holding the phone horizontally. I’m using the standard phone keyboard not a 3rd party one. Didn’t know if anyone else has run across this issue.

  • Andy S

    Has anyone had a problem connecting their iOS 8 phone to their car handsfree system and know how to rectify it?

  • Sebastian

    I keep getting the prompt to sign in to iCloud, but it won’t actually let me sign in so I’m stuck with this annoying prompt popping up every second.

  • Michael

    I have a problem searching for Text Messages on my 5S. On ios 7, I would be able to type someone’s name and see a list of messages from people with that name. Now on 8 nothing comes up. Anyone else seen this?

  • Katie

    Me too. Hate that. So many issues with this update that I am sorry that I ever updated.

  • Rae

    I can no longer log into news sites because I cannot select the correct cookie option. The option I need is greyed out and I cannot figure out how to make that option accessible again.

  • Xafar

    Dear Team
    My iphone 4s data not off applications

  • ios8=shit

    Ios8 sucks, I when watching videos on safari(like on YouTube) there is no way of telling how much of the video has loaded, it also refuses to let me rewind back to help load the video, no matter what I do, also i want my camera roll back!

  • Siby

    my text tone turns off when I reduce the phone volume. I want the text tone even when the phone volume off.

  • AppleIsTheNewWindows

    The virtual keyboard keeps randomly appearing onscreen (even when I’m not using any apps or have any running in the background) and is unresponsive; it won’t type if I open a document or notepad, it won’t leave the screen if I use the button on the lower right or the little white bar at the top, and it won’t go away when adjusting the keyboard settings or connecting/disconnecting 3d party keyboards.

    I haven’t been able to find any answers anywhere on any forums that address the issue either (am I the only one experiencing this?). The only solution I have found so far is a reset (powering off and back on doesn’t always work). Not exactly the solution I want to resort to in order to make use of my iPad on an consistent or regular basis…

  • mbIOS8sucks!

    My keyboard has just disappeared rendering my iPod practically useless!

  • Warren

    I am finding safari almost unusable since updating. Google links don’t work half the time. Wifi drops out. Keyboard appears out of nowhere and I can actually type in the html. Cool at first but totally random so no. Pages scroll for no reason. Pages redirect to random pages while not even touching the ipad. Edge detect no longer works meaning the hand I hold it with is forever interfering with the screen.
    I’ve thrown away android tabs for doing things like this but it makes me angry as this worked fine under ios7.

  • Vince Elgey

    Thing I’ve noticed is that my iPad 2 now constantly crashes and reboots randomly, Apple Genius bar tells me its a hardware fault, however worked perfectly before the upgrade to 8 and they won’t downgrade me to 7 to prove otherwise.

    Only option they give is to buy a new one

  • blake

    forget using an iphone 4g with ios 8. Since I downloaded ios 8 3 weeeks ago, my phone has crashed 27 times. Prior to that it had crashed 4 times in the last 8 months. Everytime I take a photo, it crashes, everytime I use the map, it crashes. Everytime I use siri, it crashes. If I didn’t have unlimited data in my plan, I’d go back to my motorola v557 flip phone.

  • l3igl3oy314

    try disabling Speak Screen under accessibility if it is enabled. and then reboot

  • naadarien

    Having the iTunes issue. Looks like my music is there, but I pick a song and the music app hangs, usually when I am not connected to wi-fi, as if it wants to pull the music from the cloud. Have had to hard reboot because sometimes it stays frozen and I can’t do anything. Luckily my laptop has my music back up, but still…very irritating. Also dislike that it now defaults to iTunes Radio (in the music app) which means it automatically wants to connect to the internet. If all I want to do is play music locally stored on the device, and it hangs when looking for the internet, the very LAST thing I want it to do is load up to Radio. I want it to default to my playlists so I can pick to what I want to listen. In iOS7, it would default to the last page I was on. I should be able to set this so i can avoid Radio if I am not connected.

    No issues with battery. Have notice the orientation thing with the camera. No BSOD…yet. Fingers crossed…

  • James

    Since upgrading to iOS8 on my Ipad 2, safari suddenly crashes and when streaming videos using airplay, it stops and says “A problem occurred with this webpage so it reloaded”. Very frustrating

  • David Christopher

    I have three or four songs in my music that are undeleteable yet are also unrecognized by iOS8.

  • GoodCoMan

    External Bluetooth keyboards don’t work reliably – dropping characters. We use a mag stripe reader that connects to iDevices as a Bluetooth keyboard. It sends encrypted swipe data by typing information. Used to work every time. Now the iDevice is not receiving every character – thus useless! Not sure if it’s a performance issue or a connection/protocol issue.

    • GoodCoMan

      P.S. Experience is using Safari in iOS 8 through 8.0.2

  • GoodCoMan

    Safari has many display bugs. My concern surrounds the CSS display property for span elements. See

  • Not colorblind

    I have the iPhone 6+ and received it about 2 weeks ago. I was playing Injustice and my screen went to Invert. I went into the settings and changed it back but it is now stuck on Grayscale. The toggle does not work and I have tried 2 hard restarts. I want my color back!

  • Alan Biggs

    I am aware of some javascript issues in iOS8 Safari to do with window/tab management. windowHandle.close() does not work in iOS8 Safari. And I have also noticed that does not always return a window handle. In many cases the window handle is undefined and a new tab is not opened by the browser. It also causes windowHandle.focus() to fail.
    Anyone else had this problem?

  • Sophie

    The setting app crashes every single time when it’s in the location setting page.

  • SI

    I can’t seem to make a call by touching the telephone no. on my contacts list. I go to settings – turn on & turn off flight mode and then it works. Does anyone else have this problem ?

  • Kristin

    Wifi on iPhone 6, iOS 8, is not always automatically connected or it drops it randomly. Then when I try to reconnect, it doesn’t see any networks. Rebooting my phone is the only thing that has worked.

    iTunes has not synced all music to my phone. Only iTunes purchases are in my phone’s library.

  • Niki

    I have text tones and ringtones that i PAID for that no longer work. They automatically go back to the default sound settings, even though the bought tones are selected. Which sucks because they’re quiet so I don’t ever hear my texts! UGH!

  • Sean

    For my ip6 (8.0.2), 1-2 sec delay is found in the multi-tasking page (double click the home button), in which I cannot move between apps nor quit apps. But I found if un-select the “Recents” contact in the “Show in App Switcher”, this bugs disappear

  • Norbart

    Since updating to iOS 8 on my iPhone 5S, the status bar turns white when I exit some of my apps. In order to get the status bar back to black I have to lock the screen and then open it up again. My background is white, so the white status bar really bugs me. This was never a problem with iOS 7.

  • Cazzer

    And me! :(( But this happened 4 days after the update. I didn’t do a hard reset though – they just vanished overnight!


    Horrible screen flickers

    Ridiculously short battery life

    Hate the new photo ‘storage’ bring back camera roll and photo stream

    Still hating the basic red/black colour theme of the calender from IOS7 – why can’t we choose themes like with Windows

    Have LTE but phone now spends more time in 3G than before IOS8 – was always fine before. Grrrrrrrr

    • Cazzer

      Also getting the updating/downloading little ‘daisy wheel’ popping up in totally random places

  • Levi

    My settings app won’t remember ANY of my preferences anymore. It used to. Haven’t upgraded or anything since it worked. I’ve been running iOS 8.0.2 on my iPhone 6 the whole time. Apps crash all the time now, messages do not give me notification, and my banners for everything always get stuck. PLEASE FIX!

  • Aly

    My search doesn’t work in messages? Anyone else?

  • Javier Molina

    Two big issues I have noticed that drive me up the wall is that the phone does not recognize touch inputs while in landscape mode quite a bit. (No pattern to it, just randomly decides to stop working, need to rotate to portrait and then back to landscape to fix it, this issue is accross all apps, not one in particular.) Second is the search feature, both in messages as well as spotlight does not find most messages. It seems anything pre iOS8 install it does not locate, as well as some others post iOS8 install. There is a temp fix for it to force it to reindex everything but it reverts back to not finding things shortly after.

  • Norman

    Web apps that have iframe videos are not playing in iOS8. Hope this can get fixed. We are back in iOS4 where videos were not playable from iframes inside a website.

  • Goli

    I have the same problem! The camera’s orientation all of a sudden turns upside down in the middle of a facetime video chat or even when taking photos!!

  • Nard

    LED notifications no long work for iMessage/text alerts – doesn’t flash.

  • Rebecca Highsmith

    My notification bar will not slide down all the way. And it is zoomed in so I cannot read the whole thing. I have the iPhone 6 plus and thankfully that is the only bug I have really had to deal with.

  • Jack

    My iPad volume keeps turning off and on automatically,it is irritating me,wat shld I do?

  • Deborah

    Ugh…this update is killing me…first I couldn’t search text messages so I googled it and switched my language to spanish then back to english and it fixed it for a few minutes. Now I’m back in English but half of my stuff is still in Spanish ? When I try to text, it auto corrects in Spanish even though my language setting is back to English. Also, when I go into some apps it just kicks me back out to the main screen and now I’m trying to call people and the calls won’t go through ? Isn’t it great having this brand new phone that works like crap !!! I bought the one with 128gb. What a BIG waste of money !!!

  • Arz

    youtube app not working properly in iPhone 6+

  • Alan

    My bug is when watching a video in safari the video will not switch to the landscape or if in landscape it Will not switch to portrait when the phone is turned. Also, some times the video will get stuck in 1/4 of the screen.

    After I reboot the phone it will work ok for a while, then it will go back to having the same problem.
    iPhone 6, iOS 8.0.2

  • Steve

    Am I the only that’s since updating to iOS8 on my 4s the phone randomly shuts down regardless of battery life and I have to put it in a powersource to get it back on?

  • Asik

    When you put in a new event in calendar and also write som notes in the event and then make an invite to anyone, the one invited gets the invite and the notes but in the calendar that you made the invite the notes disappear…..this really sucks…

  • Bob Gilchrist

    I don’t see any top status bar in the mail app on the iPhone 6 plus. This means that when viewing an inbox, there is no quick way to scroll to the top of it. Is there a setting to enable this?

  • DPullman

    Anyone had a problem with a Multi-touch eBook (viewed on iPad) no longer capable of playing video post iOS8 upgrade? I created the eBook with iBooks Author (Apple software). The eBook is sold through the iBooks store. Customer had previously purchased the eBook and all video viewed properly. Then she upgraded to iOS8 and now the streaming (Vimeo) video will not play at all and the embedded video will play audio, but not video. That last speaks to it not being a problem related to internet connections or data plans. She had a high end unit, so RAM isn’t the culprit either. Apple has failed to respond. No takers on the Apple forum. And without the device in hand, I can’t duplicate the problem. I’d just like to know if anyone else has had the same problem.

    Title: Jesus’ Message to the Church of Pergamum
    Author: Rick Renner
    Where: iBooks store

    • Stefan

      Hello, i have exactly the same Problem. I’m also selling a book in the store. Before the update everything worked fine. I tried a lot until now, but I still have no solution. What about you? Did you solved the problem?

  • kirkjerk

    One that goes back to iOS7 or earlier: on both my aftermarket stereo and my friend’s chevy truck built-in, you can play music and switch songs using the music app, but if find a song in Spotlight Search, you can’t launch it. You have to unplug the USB, start the song, then plug back in (or use the music app’s search instead)

  • Amy

    From my lock screen on my iphone6 sometimes I can’t swipe up to go straight to the camera, it will bounce slightly but not go all the way up. Yet I can swipe right to unlock it normally

  • Mukund

    In both my ipad2 & iPhone 4S, running on IOS 8, my Mail has crashed. On tapping the Mail icon, I just get a blank white screen for a few seconds, then it reverts to the home screen. Dunno what’s happened? Anybody else facing the same issue?

    • l07

      Did you ever resolve this? just started happening to me

  • Deb

    My keyboard freezes on the second or third letter of my email address preventing my logging in to some websites e.g. Facebook, groupon, etc. Have tried powering off, etc. nothing I’m doing helps. This happens on my iPad and iPhone all updated to iOS 8.0.2.

  • maurice_william

    Have anywhone this Grey box bug on YouTube app

  • Kris KoangHo Kim

    Ive found another bug. The phone can unlock when u open your camera on your lock screen even when passcode and touch id is set. Go to camera on your lock screen and repeat click on gallery tab lower left corner and get out a few times then press the home button. The phone unlocks and take you to your home screen. Serious security issue.

    • Guest

      Was able to duplicate the same issue twice until I realized I was pressing the home screen with the same finger that was set for touch ID. Once I tried it with a different non-touch ID finger I could no longer duplicate the issue. Are you sure you aren’t making the same mistake?

  • viki pazzano

    SAME HERE. so annoying!

  • Peter

    New bug: The right Side of The keyboard sometimes get stuck and you cannot type those letters. Mostly in landscape orientation.
    When going to portrate in this state, the keyboard is screwed up and not usable.

    Anyone had this too?

  • TheExclamationMark

    My 4S has slowed markedly since ios8. Also this morning all the colour from icons etc disappeared. Have tried the triple tap, grayscale and colour invert to no avail. Any ideas anyone pls?

  • Prinzzzz

    My iPhone 5s has an overlapping status bar signal and battery status. But only in the home screen menu the rest like in the lock screen it’s just normal. I have the ios 8.1 already.

  • Paul

    Playing certain videos through Twitter X key not there have to turn ipad off and on again. There must be an easier way.

  • Moamsh

    I have retina ipad mini and i play on my ipad a lot. I didnt have any battery issue in ios 7 but after upgrading to ios 8.1 i have it. For example when i play asphalt 8, after 4 races i lose 20 % of battery .
    I think apple should let us downgrade to ios 7.1.2
    And also i have problem loading web pages it is so slow and when i lunch other apps suddenly i lose wifi connection.
    Whats wrong with apple??

  • 666k9s

    I seem to have lost my slider sound after the update to ios8 on my iPhone 4s. I’ve checked the buttons in Settings/General/Sounds and it is ON. Tried turning the phone off and back on again. Would like to have it back. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Pepsi

    I can no longer facebook which was the main reason I got ipad. Touch pad no longer works in facebook. Facebook glitches features trampling over the entire functionality

  • Andrew Lockhart

    My battery life on IOS 8 is dire when I add my Google account and sync Email and Contacts. If I remove my Google account the battery life returns to normal. This happens if I wipe my phone and only change this setting. I have discussed it with an Apple Escalation engineer who acknowledged it’s likely a bug.

  • Dbs

    I am having a problem with the keyboard. It keeps popping up when I just touch the screen to scroll or select a menu item on a website. Really annoying as it brings up the keyboard and auto scrolls to the bottom of the page and then the keyboard either disappears or stays. Anyone having the same problem?

  • Valle641

    I don’t get any app notifications when at the homescreen, is that due to some tweak or to pangu/substrait?

  • sukhjit

    1. safari on ipad air (IOS8) : does not have “mommentum scrolling”. it does not support CSS property ‘-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch’.

    2. safari on ipad air (IOS8) : when you click on input tupe, keyboard overlaps the input type.

  • alfminus

    Spotlight search is 8/10 times dysfunctional on ipad air running 8.1 – often shows no search results a blank screen something like an indexing issue. Anyone got this issue on iphone devices ?

  • Joe

    Since iOS 8, when using Safari and, the first screen touch causes the keyboard to pop up. I have an iPad 2 and iPad Air and have the same problem on both units.

  • NRLC

    Anyone facing phone contacts issue? I cannot find the ones saved via whatsapp after downloading the new iOS… When I want to make a phone call, I have to go to whatsapp, find the person, click info for phone number details and then call. Thing is not everyone I have to make a phone call to is on whatsapp conversarion… Help!!

  • Schuessler

    Ok just got the iPhone 6plus.. When I send a text and try to take a photo in text mode it freezes a black screen… Wth?? Solutions or anyone else experiencing this problem? Thx

  • Nikn0k

    Safari crash when orienation changes. iPhone 6 plus 128GB.

  • Jt

    It’s so bad I’m going to try to downgrade to iOS 7.2.1. I am serious. I gave 8.1 about 2 weeks and it’s been nothing but premature shut offs when the battery gets to 30%!!? Really Apple!? Under iOS 7.2.1, my phone went down to well under 10% and I even got notifications of low battery. Not the case with this horrible buggy iOS 8. No thanks

  • Jennifer

    Y can’t i upload new apps… I just get a grey box and my app isn’t uploading! Ugh!

  • FrancescoMallamo

    Sometimes I can hear some jitter while listening to music and performing other action at the same time (for example surfing the web with safari).

  • Thea

    Can someone please tell me why my phone randomly turns back on when I turn it off, why messages are sent that I’ve never even sent and With no record of sending , why messages I sent come back hours later as if responded back to me only to be what I sent them. Why reminders keep repeating as if new. Why Im getting messages from my friends that they never sent so when I ask or respond they say that’s weird I never sent that but that’s the same thing you sent me last week! Wth is going on? And last why I don’t get all my messages or if I do it’s 2days later?

  • Spack Jarrow

    For the blue screen and grey screen of death. I wonder if that might be a problem related to the music player because it was something I always and still have constantly occurring with my old iPod but it has never occurred on my iPhone 4, Nano, or my 6 Plus (knocks on wood). I have a lot of pirated music (not mine) on all the devices so I figured maybe there was a virus from the music that maybe had infected my iPod or something. If anyone is having the same issue I guess you could try removing all the music for a few days and see if the screens of death continue.

  • Kerianne

    When I double click my home button, my backgrounds don’t pop up anymore. Instead, nothing happens. I have the iPhone 6plus.

  • Bob

    Connecting my iPhone to my car stereo via a lightning USB cable used to start playing music immediately. Also when choosing a playlist from the car stereo need to press play on the phone in order to start the music. Seems the car stereo does not control the music app any longer.

  • Estelle

    As a comment to the keyboard disappearing… After reading… I went in a deleted third party key board “cool key” and now the keyboard is switching just fine.

  • Guest

    I’m having an issue when I try to correct any typos in messages I post to FB – the word prediction field overlaps the “send” button, so I can’t do any corrections. Is there a fix for that? It makes typing in a bouncing car impossible if I can’t make corrections! (iPhone 4S)

  • ickeymickey

    Sometimes will I am typing a text the right side of my screen gets a blue tint to it. I’ve searched a few times and can’t find a thread that has this discussion in it so thought I would stick it here. I’m not sure if this is a precursor to the infamous BSOD or if I just happened to get a phone that has some issues. I suppose I should tell you I have a 5c that I got in October and I’m running the most current software. This has happened since I got this phone brand new and even after all the updates. I’ve brought it to the shop I upgraded at and they said without seeing the issue there’s nothing they can do. It only happens sometimes and of course it didn’t happen while I was at the AT&T store. I have insurance on my phone so I was hoping they would just swap it out but they don’t think anything is wrong with my phone. If there was nothing wrong with it I wouldn’t be there. I don’t see what good it would do me to swap my phone that according to them has nothing wrong with it for the exact same phone that has nothing wrong with it. And if that’s the case they should have no problem swapping phones with me. If there’s nothing wrong with it then there should b no problem. I should have said you have to read that part with a smug asshole tone to your voice. Anybody have this happen?

  • Ali

    Everytime in any app there is a map or i want to use a map or i want to even send my location to anyone or use an app that used it or even think about the place i am. My iphone 6 crashes. FML

  • Adams

    Another issue is a multitasking gestures, just stop working after unlocking the iPad.

    iPad Air iOS 8 and above

  • Andy

    Iphone 5s ios8.1.2 search google in video search mode, watch video, google freezes at end of video and have to close google. ‘Done’ button does not get me back to search screen

  • Ram

    Also Orientation, One view Landscape in application not supported in ios-8, while proper working in ios-7. I have application it’s orientation is portrait for whole application only video player view having landscape mode. Its working fine in ios 7 but in ios 8, whole application working in landscape and portrait mode.

    Please advise any solution.. if any,

  • Jason C

    Even in iOS 8.1.2 I’m gettings settings freezing and crashing whenever I go to Settings- General- Usage- Manage Storage- and scroll through my list of music. Every time.

  • OG Loc

    Sometimes when I double click the home button it doesn’t work, like when I press it once it’s normal but double clicking doesn’t do anything even with assistive touch so I have to turn my phone on & off again

  • Victoria

    my ipad kept turning on voice over by itself….talk about annoying

  • Seelite

    I have a new iPhone 6+. I’ve downloaded whatsapp to my phone. I
    followed the instructions on how to open it. When I got to the page
    that asked me to confirm my telephone number, I was shown a split screen
    In opposite directions. The # screen was overlayed on the “confirm your
    phone #” screen in such a way that made it impossible to see anything
    to click on to go to the next page. I’ve deleted the app and
    re-downloaded it many times from the Apple Store and since it’s stored
    in the Cloud, whenever I do this, I always have the same result. I’ve
    even rebooted my iPhone several times, which didn’t help. Further, since
    I just purchased this iPhone, I was led to believe that the whatsapp
    application was supposed to be free for life & I wouldn’t have to
    pay the annual .99 fee, and, therefore I didn’t register a credit card
    on the Apple Store yet.

    Please help me solve this problem.
    Thank you,

  • Hod

    Does anyone else have problems with scrolling? When I scroll through Safari, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other app that can be scrolled in, it kinda glitches up and down without me moving my finger. I’m also not touching the top bar, which should make the page scroll up. When I pinch to zoom in (on photos etc.) the whole thing zooms out and in in a blink of an eye. I don’t think it’s because of my touch screen, but maybe it’s because of my settings or that I just get my finger on something that makes the screen go wild. Does anybody have tips or the same problem?

    Original Brand New Apple iPhone 5s, iOS 8, non-jailbroken.

    • Sandeep Roy

      I had similar issues. Update to 8.1.3 & if it persists Restore(download the ipsw if on slow connection) from Backup in iTunes. That sorted it for me.

  • Monica

    My issue is one I haven’t seen elsewhere; my status bar tends to adopt whatever color my background is. For example if my background is white, status bar turns white and if my background is black my status bar turns black thus causing it to “disappear”. But if I shut my screen off/on its back to normal … But not for very long. Anyone know about this issue?