Functional Apple 1 computer sells for $905,000 at auction

Apple CEO Tim Cook looks at a new IMac after presentation at Apple headquarters in Cupertino

Finding a functional Apple 1 is a hard thing to do, but when one crops up at an auction in New York, it’s not hard to imagine it will go quickly and for a high price tag.

According to a report published by Reuters, a working Apple 1 computer has just been sold at a Bonhams auction in New York, and fetched a staggeringly high mark for it, too. Many estimates for the going price for the motherboard suggested it might go for anywhere between $300,000 and $500,000, but in the end the final price was even higher: $905,000. Which makes this the most any Apple 1 computer has brought in after a sale.

Why it brought in so much money is buried in the details. According to the report, this Apple 1 is believed to be one of the 50 Apple 1 computers that were originally constructed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, put together in Steve Jobs’ garage. The motherboard itself is numbered “01-0070.”

The buyer of the Apple 1 remains unknown at this point.

[via Reuters]