Apple fixes the embarrassing ‘It’s road trip’ autocorrect error in its iPad event Keynote video


If you watched Apple unveil the new iPads earlier this month, you must remember the demo of the app called “Replay.” The app analyses your photos and videos and then adds relevant motion graphics and background song to it. 

While this sounds similar to many other apps and services including HTC’s Zoe, the effects added by Replay are surprisingly very professional.


Anyways coming back to the topic, at the iPad event keynote, the Replay developers demonstrated how fast their app was on the iPad Air 2. During this presentation, they made a short video which they meant to title “Utah road trip,” but auto-correct changed it to “It’s road trip.” As it regularly happens in the world of the Internet, this unintentional gaffe led to many jokes.

To avoid further embarrassment to the developers of Replay though, Apple has quietly fixed this error on the keynote video uploaded on their website and Apple TV app. If you still want to relive that gaffe, check it out below.

[Via Business Insider]