How to fix Bluetooth connectivity problems in iOS 8 – iOS 8.3

With iOS 8, Apple added a lot of much-requested features like custom keyboards, widgets and extensions. Sadly, the rapid pace of development also means the introduction of bugs, one of which is Bluetooth connectivity problems.

The first step you’d want to take is to ensure that the problem is with your iPhone or iPad and not with the Bluetooth accessory you’re trying to connect to. So try connecting to the accessory with your Mac, PC or any other device, and see if things work fine or not.

If you find out that the problem lies with your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8, here are a few solutions you could try:

Turn off Bluetooth and Reboot

The first thing to try is to turn off your Bluetooth and restart your iPhone or iPad:

  • Turn off Bluetooth from Control Center, or by going to Settings > Bluetooth and turning off the switch.
  • Reboot your iPhone by holding the Home button and the Power button until you see the Apple logo
  • Now enable Bluetooth again from Control Center or Settings > Bluetooth
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Try connecting to the device now. If the problem still isn’t solved, move on to the next step.

Forget Device

If the previous tip didn’t work for you, you can try forgetting the device you paired with from Settings, and then try reconnecting:

  • Open Settings and go to Bluetooth.
  • Tap on the “i” icon against the device name you’re having problems connecting.
  • Tap on the “Forget This Device” button and confirm your action.
  • Now pair your iPhone or iPad with the device again, and see if the issue has been solved.
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Reset Network Settings

If none of the two tips worked, you could also try resetting your network settings. A side effect of doing this is that all your Wi-Fi settings will also be cleared, so you might have to rejoin Wi-Fi networks.

Here’s how to reset network settings:

  • Open Settings and navigate to General > Reset
  • Tap on Reset Network Settings
  • You’ll be required to enter your passcode, if you have one
  • Confirm your action in the popup
reset network

Your iOS device will reboot. Once it starts up, try pairing to the device again. If your problem still isn’t solved, move to the next step.

Restore and Setup as new iPhone

If none of these tips fix your issues, the last resort is to restore your iPhone or iPad via iTunes, and set it up as a new device. This way, you start afresh, and get rid of possibly problematic customisations and settings on your device. Follow the instructions in the post linked below to do a clean restore to the latest version of iOS via iTunes.

➤ How to restore your iPhone or iPad with iTunes

Visit an Apple Store

Even after performing all these steps, you’re still having problems, then you might want to visit your nearest Apple Store to know of any possible hardware related issues.

Have you faced any Bluetooth issues after updating to iOS 8 – iOS 8.3? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Grayson Anthony

    I have had issues with my iPhone 6 Plus with bluetooth on my AppRadio 3 in my car. It connects but will randomly skip for a split second. I am hoping its not simply my iphone.

  • Steve

    My Plantronics ear piece disconnects randomly since upgrading to iOS 8

  • Steve

    I use my iphone as a hotspot, my wife’s iphone four will only connect via wifi, and my ipad will only connect via Bluetooth ? But if I hotspot from my wife’s phone, both ipad and my 5 s can connect either way?? Ideas?

  • Danial Garratt

    had major issues with iOS8 and bluetooth car kit, have tried all but factory reset phone.. the cars a month old, worked fine on 7.1.2 since the upgrade its not worked at all.

  • Ios programmer

    You should also try deleting the device from your car and add it again.

    Also turn your phone off properly, holding both buttons is not a proper shutdown. Shutting your phone down this way every time is a bad idea.

  • Winetree

    Tried all of the above without success. After upgrading to 8 it stopped working in my car. Hope 8.1 solves this…

  • karen

    I also tried all of the above and uploaded the 8.1 operate. I’m still having trouble connecting to the Bluetooth in my car. Any suggestions?

    • Birney

      You did a full restore and that didn’t work? Did a restore put the problem back? (What’s so hard for Apple about fixing this?)

      • Birney

        (“full restore” meaning factory settings; “restore putting problem back” meaning from a backup you had previously done.)

  • Cres

    My iPhone Bluetooth can’t detect any devices and the icon is grey. I’ve restored and restarted and everything but to no avail. There’s no Apple Store in the country i live in. What can I do?!? I use Bluetooth all the time in my Ford car.

  • rcr2015

    I have upgraded my 4s iphone with the lastes iOS 8.1.3 and I can not get it to pair with my car. Is there anything else so to? I have re-set it, restore it, etc….