Check out the Best Deals of the Week, including Mac Apps, Black Hawk Drone, and more [Deals Hub]

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There are so many great offers in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub that it’s easy to miss one. We try to alert you to all of the best deals around, and this is your chance to catch those savings that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks. Take a look at the best deals of the week from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. You’ll be glad you did, and your wallet will thank you, too.

The Mac to the Future Bundle is packed with the apps that you need most. It’s ideal for any of your creative endeavors, ready to help you get more done than ever before. Whether it’s learning something new, like an instrument or how to make an app, or it’s working on a current passion like photography, there’s an app for you in this collection. There’s even one of the best organizational calendars for Mac to keep you on track at all times.

You can get the Mac to the Future Bundle on sale from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $29.99. That’s a 96% savings off the retail price. It’s a can’t miss bundle with all the apps you’re after, so grab this offer today!




Previously, the only ways for you to experience the joys of flight were to buy a plane ticket–a considerably expensive purchase–or be involved in some sort of chemical spill that leaves you with super powers. We suggest you opt for theBlack Hawk Drone, the awesome drone with six-axis control system. Keep it charged via USB, then take to the air where you’ll perform flips, tricks, and stunts. Plus, theBlack Hawk Drone comes equipped with a camera to help you capture the whole experience even though your feet are still planted on the ground.

You can pre-order the Black Hawk Drone right now from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for only $69 with a SD camera or $89 with an HD camera. That’s a full 53% off the retail price. It’s the perfect way to personally experience the miracle of flight and watch it happen first hand, so grab this pre-order while you can! It’s the perfect holiday gift, ready to arrive in December.


If you’re unsure of what a VPN is, allow us to clear it up for you: It’s a technology that allows you to connect to any website anytime you have internet access by passing all data through a protected, encrypted shield. You’ll be able to browse worry-free, with a secure connection even in public places. You’ll get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited connection speed, and the ability to connect to even territory-restricted sites.

You can get three years of VPN Unlimited Premium Plan for just $19 from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. That’s a 70% savings off the retail price. It’s a great price for the ultimate piece of protection online, so grab this offer today.


The Bluetooth Shower Speaker connects wirelessly with your smartphone or iOS device of choice, giving you a range of up to ten meters of connectivity. The showerproof case is water resistant and rated IPx4. With buttons on the face of the device, you have control over the soundtrack to your shower. Plus, a built-in microphone gives you voice control and access to Siri.

You can get the Bluetooth Shower Speaker from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $39. That’s a savings of 60% off the retail price. That’s a great price for this must-have tech, so grab this deal today.