‘Continuity Activation Tool’ brings Handoff feature to older Macs

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When Apple announced OS X Yosemite, one of the standout features was Continuity, the ability to switch between a Mac running Yosemite and an iOS-based device running iOS 8. Unfortunately, some older machines were left out in the wind.

The Handoff feature allows a user to start something on, say, an OS X Yosemite machine, and then continue from where they left off on an iOS 8-based device. This feature works courtesy of Bluetooth 4.0, and while some older machines like the 2011 Mac mini and 2011 MacBook Air have this support out of the box, Apple chose to leave these devices out of the support column for Handoff. Now, that’s no longer the case for some users who are willing to follow along with a new tool released by readers within the MacRumors forums.

It’s called the “Continuity Activation Tool,” and it’s a set of instructions for getting Continuity’s Handoff feature working on older machines. The instructions were put together by “Dokterdok,” based on a compiled list put together by “UncleSchnitty,” and are available via Github. The tool works by first doing a compatibility check, and then creating backups of the original System drivers. After that, the tool will help with disabling a blacklist designed for Macs specifically to block the Bluetooth code that prevents Continuity from working on these machines.

As aforementioned, the 2011 MacBook Air and 2011 Mac mini will support the tool without any changes needed to the internal hardware, as both devices support Bluetooth 4.0. However, if you have a MacBook Air dated between 2008 and 2010, or a Mac mini between 2009 and 1020, you’ll need to upgrade the wireless card. The same goes for the mid-2009 to late-2011 MacBook Pro, iMacs between 2008 and 2011, and the late-2011 MacBook Pro.

The results have been positive for those who have tried it so far, based on the forums where this is being discussed. You can follow the source link below to learn more, or to give the tool a try for yourself if you’ve got an older machine and want to try out the new Handoff feature.

[via MacRumors]