Fitbit unveils $130 Charge, $150 Charge HR activity trackers and $250 Surge fitness smartwatch


Fitbit has just announced three new activity-tracking devices, including two with optical heart rate monitors — a first for the company’s wearables. 

First in line is the Fitbit Charge, which the company is calling the “reinvented Force.” It comes with an OLED screen that can display your tracked steps, calories burnt and floors climbed. Besides being water resistant, the Charge now comes with a seven day long battery life. The fitness tracker is already available for purchase for $130.

Fitbit Charge HR

Next is the Fitbit Charge HR, which as its name suggests is similar to the Charge except that it also comes with an optical heart rate monitor dubbed PurePulse. Unlike other heart rate monitoring sensors available in other wearables and smartphones, the PurePulse sensor will allow you to continuously monitor your heart rate. The fitness tracker will use this data to give you an accurate reading of the calories burnt over time.

This sensor, however, takes its toll on the battery life as the Charge HR can only last for five days on a single charge. It will be available for sale in early 2015 for $150.

Fitbit Surge

Last but not the least is the top-of-the-line Fitbit Surge, which is more of a smartwatch than just a fitness tracker. It comes with a touchscreen display, physical side buttons, an 8-Axis sensor and GPS while still being waterproof. It can also display your text notifications and caller ID provided its connected to your smartphone. Just like the Charge HR, the Surge also comes with a PurePulse heart rate monitor and won’t ship until early 2015. The watch is expected to provide around seven days of battery life and will cost $250.

The company will soon be updating its Window Phone, iOS and Android app to add support for heart rate tracking.