iOS 8 now installed on more than half of active iOS devices

image iOS 8 install percentage

Throughout the month of October, Apple has updated its App Store support page to reflect the percentage of iOS-based devices running iOS 7, iOS 8 and earlier versions of the platform. Apple’s latest update shows a strong milestone for the newest OS.

On Thursday, October 28, Apple’s App Store support page reflected iOS 8’s adoption has reached more than half of all active iOS devices on the market. To be specific, as the graphic shows above, iOS 8 is now reported on 52 percent of all active iOS devices, while iOS 7 is at 43%. To compare, on October 16, iOS 8 was still holding steady at 48% of installed and active iOS devices. At the beginning of October, iOS 8 was sitting steadily at 47 percent.

Apple puts these graphs together based on App Store usage, as devices access the digital marketplace.

While iOS 8 may have seen a slow adoption right out of the gate, it’s commendable that only five weeks later it has reached more than half of saturation of devices out in the wild.

[via Apple]