Former Android exec calls iPhone 6 ‘the most beautiful smartphone ever built’

iphone 6 silver

The iPhone 6’s physical design received some appreciation today from someone you’d least expect. Former Android Vice President Hugo Barra today called the iPhone 6 “the most beautiful smartphone ever built” at the WSJD conference.

Barra, who played an important role in Android and Nexus launches, is currently VP at Xiami, a Chinese phone manufacturer that has been accused of copying Apple.

The Verge reports from the WSJD conference:

[Barra] was effusive in his praise for Apple’s latest devices. The iPhone 6, he said, is “the most beautiful smartphone ever built.” Barra’s comments came in response to a question about the persistent criticism that 4-year-old Xiaomi’s rise has been fueled by blatant copying of designs from Apple and others, an issue that Jony Ive raised again at an event earlier this month. “Our designers, our engineers are inspired by great products — and frankly, in today’s world, who isn’t? Point me to a product in our industry that has completely unique design language. You’re not going to be able to find one.”

To further illustrate his point about inspiration, Barra noted that the iPhone 6 “carries design that’s very HTC-like,” and added that the Control Center quick toggles were on Android much before they were on iOS. He however accepted that the toggles were much better on iOS than on Android.

Let us know what you think about Barra’s comments.

[via The Verge]