iPhone 6 Plus compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Google Nexus 6 and LG G3

One of the main reasons people switched from an iPhone to an Android smartphone was for their larger displays. So it was great to see Apple finally launch iPhones with bigger screens to take on Android smartphones last month.

Even amongst the Android based smartphones, smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note line that come with 5.5-inch or bigger screens (also called phablets) have been growing in popularity. Apple seems to have acknowledged their popularity by launching the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, which was unthinkable a few years back. And if that wasn’t enough, Google surprised everyone by launching Nexus 6, their flagship smartphone with a massive 6-inch screen.

We take a look at how the iPhone 6 Plus stacks up under the hood against Google’s Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which was unveiled last month and went on sale last week and LG G3, which has received positive reviews.

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 4 vs. Nexus 6 vs LG G3

 Click on this link to see the bigger version of the comparison table

As you can see from the comparison table, the iPhone 6 Plus does not have the most impressive specs, but benchmarks have shown that the iPhone outperforms the competition when it comes to performance (Note: we’re still waiting for the benchmarks for Nexus 6). iPhone continues to also have the advantage when it comes to ease of use thanks to the tight integration of hardware, software and services. iPhone 6 Plus also addresses one of the biggest gripes people have had with the iPhone, which has been poor battery life. With the iPhone 6 Plus, you can easily get more than a day’s battery life, which should make it a non-issue for most people. With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has also caught up on features such as NFC that has been available on flagship Android smartphones for years, though it is only restricted to Apple Pay for now. With Apple Pay, Apple has again proved that doing a better job at something, is more important than being first to a market. One of the critical factors that doesn’t get captured in the tech specs is ease of getting support, which is one of the advantages of buying Apple devices.

Apple has addressed some of the limitations of iOS in iOS 8 by including features such as iCloud Drive, support for third-party keyboards, Safari extensions and custom actions. But Android phones still have an advantage, as they’re lot more tweakable, which makes it a compelling option for power users. Though I believe now that a jailbroken iPhone 6 Plus gives you the best of both worlds.

Some of the Android phones have features such as IR blasters, Heart Rate monitor, UV sensor, replaceable batteries and expandable storage, which are not available on the iPhone 6 Plus. Those are not deal breakers in my opinion, but it could be for some people. LG G3 Plus is also cheaper than iPhone 6 Plus and other Android flagships, which should appeal to users on a tight budget.

Let me know which one you would pick in the comments and why.

* The battery life was based on the tests carried out by AnandTech.

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  • Daniel

    I have the note 4 and I love it! I’ve had every iPhone up to the 4,and haven’t looked back….

  • Mike

    Do the performance test on a Note 4 custom deoxed rom and the Note 4 will come out on top… Anyways I will continue to use my iPhone 6 plus until the Note Edge drops… IR blaster , removable battery, and expandable storage is a big plus these days. I was disappointed the iPhone 6 a much more expensive phone doesn’t at least have a IR Blaster and only 1gb of ram.

    • Pumpkin King

      No need. Performance tests on TouchWiz put them on par with the note coming out ahead in some of then. Even app opening speed tests.

      IOS user experience had gone down hill even more so the past couple years

  • Salah Belal

    Have been a loyal apple customer for 5 years up until the release of iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. I have to say I’m not impressed and will ditch the iPhone 5 for the Galaxy Note 4.

  • Jye Ramirez

    Lol. So Apple have been using inexpensive hardwares for iPhone yet it costs $800+. Where does the extra $500 go, software? Boo! Apple just makes way to overprice.

  • George

    Apple makes NFC actually useful with Apple pay, touch ID destroys samsung fingerprint sensor, Iphone is thinner. PPI means nothing at this point because you physically can’t tell the difference. Only the Note comes close to the iPhone camera, and even there its much smaller pixels suffer in low light. 240 fps slow motion is perfectly smooth. If you have something worth taking 4k video (you don’t) then you shouldn’t be using your phone. Advantages of android are starting to get pretty small. iPhone hardware is still dominant.

    • midi :D

      like if google didn’t use the NFC: File Sharing, Contact Paying (back in 2010 and after dude!), Simple App connecting, …
      those gimmicks on both phones are not useful at all, and btw, apple hardware isn’t that good, just made with precision!
      and btw, can’t just notice how much apple copied from android (same goes to android, it copied some) and why you didn’t attack other manufacturers like Moto or LG? OH! cuz apple is fighting sammy, -_- grow up, both firms are making money and the victim is us, wanna start a fight about firms, you’ll stay the victim anyways, they are making hella money and they use ppl like you to promote their products!

      • Mozbius

        I am an iPhone 3G, 4 and 6 first day releasse date owner and yet I’m baffled by how many Apple owners act like sheeps! Apple would say jump they would ask how high! That being said, in all honesty, some Androids owners act just the same! I own both Androids and iOS devices and frankly they both kick ass in their own way!

        • midi :D

          We need more ppl like you!

          • dasarathy

            of course you are right. both os are of various ecosystems. if u want to compare both then bring all the features into the I6 and then you’ll see

      • George

        I’ve made plenty of money buying their stock. Of course I’m interested in hearing the opposite side, but so far it’s just a bunch of name calling, which by the way only affirms the position.

        It’s incredibly sad that google had NFC back in 2010, but apple has made NFC more useful in only 2 weeks.

        I actually am a fan of the moto x, and the G3 is pretty decent as well. Samsung on the other hand is a piece of crap and it’s starting to catch up to them. Profit down 60% from last year.

        • midi :D

          wait what? Apple made NFC more useful? Are you kidding me? Have you ever heard of Google Wallet? And what else NFC on Apple devices do beside Apple Pay? NOTHING! that’s what they do!
          NFC on other devices however have many other useful things:
          -Using NFC tags I can trigger Apps and Phone modes
          -Using NFC I can charge my phone wirelessly
          -Using NFC I can Pay (GOOGLE WALLET AND PAYPAL!)
          -Using NFC I can share files
          -Using NFC I can Connect two devices instantly for local gaming purposes (just an example)
          -Using NFC I can play music on my audio box from NFC enabled audio kits (headsets and lil box sets!)
          So… what did apple make useful?

          • Pumpkin King

            You probably won’t get a reply back admitting anything in that.

          • midi :D

            No need, everyone admits it cuz it’s true and known since forever.

          • bcsc

            Is that reply enough for ya?

          • bcsc

            OK, I’m gonna be that guy……. Qi charges the phone wirelessly. Not NFC.

          • midi :D

            Ermmm…. isn’t always the charging circuit soldered with the NFC chip? (look at nexus 7 teardowns)

          • bcsc

            Sure they are attached to the same circuit board, but that does not make the 2 inclusive. Ram and a CPU are usually on the same logic board but they are not the same are they? There is a coil that takes the induction. If the phone did not have NFC capabilities, it would still be able to charge wirelessly. Take a look at the Galaxy line. NFC built in, not Qi. Want Qi? you need to add a coil. Not Soldered by the way. Just 2 pins

    • Mike

      Get Tim Cook d**k out your mouth . First off the Touch ID and the fingerprint scanner on the Note 4 are both great. the Note 4 actually tells you why if your fingerprint scan didn’t work for example it will tell u if water or food on your finger is the problem. Also your complaining that the Note 4 can record 4k video lol… The award for biggest Apple sheep goes to George.

      • George

        that’s the beauty of touch ID, it works even with dirt on your finger. After 2 weeks of using touch ID it works 95% of the time almost instantly. you’re a total idiot if you think the samsung fingerprint sensor is anywhere half as good. Touch ID is actually faster than swiping to unlock.

        I’m not complaining that the Note takes 4k video, I’m admitting that it has an advantage here. But still, the iPhone wins in more areas that I’d much prefer. feel free to disagree, but I’ve done my homework at least.

        • midi :D

          Gimme a knife, I need to kill myself so I can run away of this nonsense!

        • Pumpkin King

          False. Touch I’d is better. But the swipe is still decent.
          And absolutely false. You did not say 4k was am advantage. You tried to say it was, that nobody could have anything worth using it, and that you shouldn’t use a phone if you did….. meanwhile all it is, is sharper better video.

      • denis200812

        usually it’s semen. do you think they will tell me that too, or are spontaneous and prolonged jack offs problem specific to me?

    • barondebxl

      Wow man talk about fanboyism, you lost credibility here. It is sad to see people so delusional and do whatever they can to discredit an operating system…

      • George

        Ok fair enough, but your comment is even more useless. Give me legit reasons why I’m wrong.

        • barondebxl

          You’re wrong because you didn’t do an honest comparison, all you did is tell us why you’re an apple fan boy. If I give you android strength they will certainly outweight IOS strengths and that will be on an objective basis rather than fan boy opinion.

        • offsmack

          Apple Just showed up on the Island of misfit phones. Remember, we’re all misfits, now pass me the bong and eggnog.

    • Chase Benfield

      IPhone hardware is still dominant? The IPhone still has an 8 megapixel camera lol I could go on, but Apple did beat Samsung with the fingerprint scanner.Otherwise, numbers don’t lie. Samsung’s hardware is in a field of it’s own and Apple can’t compete.

      • George

        You’re in a field of your own. Samsung’s hardware is just a painful exercise in why some of the most promoted specs don’t mean jack. 16 megapixels and it still takes lower quality than the iPhone. 4/8 core processor, still loses benchmarks to the iPhone. Extremely high resolution screen, can’t tell the difference between the iPhone screen. Apple tries to find a balance that makes the best user experience. Samsung convinces customers they need something that isn’t as good.

        • Chase Benfield

          The benchmarks that came out when IPhone was released and Note 4 was Beta? That 4K resolution along with the more powerful camera, S Pen features, and the other benefits of the Note 4 are made possible due to hardware. If that makes it about the same speed as the IPhone for now, but with features and functions the IPhone is not capable of performing so be it. Once Android releases Lolipop the phone is just going to get quicker and better than it is now. The Note has room to scale and add additional functionality, but the IPhone on the other hand is maxed out as is. Higher quality pictures? All my friends with the IPhone 6 use my Note to take pictures when we’re out because even they know the Note has a better quality camera. Just look at the pics.

    • Pumpkin King

      In all of this you can’t really say you know how the Nexus 6 compares.

      Apple pay is just a term like any other apple term.
      Touch is more accurate, but does not destroy it. And add started tells you more.

      Ppi means nothing to you because iphone loses in it. With proper content QHD is sharper.
      People said the same about 1080p.
      And that’s ok. Say resolution doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the Note 4’s display is higher resolution and better.
      More saturated “if you choose”. More accurate “if you choose”. Truer whites. Real blacks. Better contrast. Less reflective and better in sunlight. Also can be turned down dimmer to 1 nit in dark rooms.
      And it’s less power consuming.

      The Note 4 beats the iphone camera and iPhone not the camera benchmark. Not “note comes close”.
      It’s camera has more accurate white balance And both have some trade offs in color accuracy. The detail is obviously better. HDR works much better and can work live and in photo and video both.
      The range in both is good too.
      Low light the note 4 still takes an edge.

      The front camera is a no contest win for Note 4.

      Again…4k is useless to you because iphone can’t do it. Not everyone uses slow motion.
      And again same thing was said about 1080p.
      But just for your pleasure again not only can the Note 4 take great 4k video, but it’s 1080p is more superior too.
      Plus the recorded audio is louder and clearer. And you can edit things out of it.
      Plus it had superior zoom. And again the live hdr.

      Iphone does better slow motion. Congrats.

      If you haven’t something worth taking 4k… which you don’t…..lol! Then you shouldn’t be using your phone….. what a garbage statement lololol.

      Advantages of Android are getting small??????
      That’s a laugh.
      Apple hardware still dominant?????
      That’s another laugh. If never was.

    • Tom

      Well george i have been useing my phone for tap payments and use google wallet for a very long time now, So i dont know how extra usefull apple wallet is, but as aalways its behind the times! Just like no full hd screen in the basic prenium iphone 6

  • androidisajoke

    “4k 30fps”. hahah

    • midi :D

      what’s so funny? 😐

    • LaFave07

      Do you even know what that means?

      • ‘MERICA

        Nope, because his puny phone isn’t capable of doing that.

      • Androidisfunny

        Haha of couurse you two go record some awesome 4K videos, 30fpslol

  • Annoyed

    Why is it that android fans always find it necessary to troll sites about Apple products? Always commenting about Apple fans being sheep or that they can take out their batteries. Apple fans aren’t sheep we just appreciate quality, and a good user experience. As for the people always talking up that they can take their battery out makes me laugh, we don’t care. Because what you’re really saying is that your phones software is so buggy that you have take your battery out to fix it lol. And to the ones that try and use the excuse that it’s so you can have a spare battery for if your battery dies, that’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. I have never seen anyone carrying a spare battery with them lol. I personally don’t care for anything android, I have lots of friends that like android because they say they like the system being open. Yet when I ask what about their phone being open allows them to do they look like a deer in headlights because they just don’t have a clue what it means lol. My point is, who cares!!! If you like Android cool, that’s what you like. That’s your preference, I prefer apple products myself but I don’t go out of my way to provoke android users about their choice of phones they use. I don’t care I’m happy with what I have.

    • Mike

      You write all that and didn’t say nothing but the same crap over and over

    • midi :D

      about the batteries, you’re pointing to sammy’s fanboys not android fanboys 😛

    • Q

      Iphone is a good woman that can cook. Note 4 is Martha Stewart.

      • denis200812

        meaning inprisoned?

        • Q

          meaning she’s out now and don’t need “jailbroken” 🙂

    • zolttt

      you should read things before you post. Before you end a statement with “I don’t go out of my way to provoke android users…”, you should read your post. For starters, apple products are not the only things made with quality, and have a good user experience. “Because what you’re really saying is that your phones software is so buggy that you have take your battery out to fix it lol” <- that's not provoking? Before I go on, I have a macbook pro, ipad air, and an android phone. My fiance has a 5s with ios 8, she had multiple apps not be able to launch, or update, we had to reboot her phone and reinstall the apps… this was last night. So all phones are buggy, not to mention that everytime a new IOS comes out there are a multitude of problems that become pretty viral. Android has the same problems but let's not pretend that apple is perfect. In addition, I have extra phone batteries in my laptop bag, and a dock at my desk that charges my phone and an extra battery so you've met your first person. Just because your friends do not know the benefits of a more open platform, does not mean that there is none. Google android development, and go see the plethora or custom android roms out there. You can take whatever OS is on your phone, tweak it, and make it fit more what you want, you can also download apps from anywhere, adjust what your home screen looks like, and not just have pages of apps and folders. I don't usually waste my time with commenting on silly articles but you are stupid, and taking shots at android users and then say "I don't care what you like" is quite annoying. You say "I personally don't care for anything android", have you owned anything android? or do you (like you said apple fans don't do) blindly buy everything apple and just assume android sucks, and troll about it because you think its fun/funny? I truly don't care what people buy, if you buy a phone because on paper everyone says it's the best then you are a fool. The best phone for me may not be the best phone for you, in regards to tablets I love my ipad its a very simple and easy experience I don't do much with it and that is why I enjoy it. However if I was on the road and needed a tablet for more professional use I'd either have an android tablet, or a surface, but I don't need that. Same with my phone, I do a lot of stuff with it, and would not be able to use an iphone, plus they are too small imo (up until the plus) so I don't want one.

    • Pumpkin King

      Why is it apple fans have to troll other sites and call telling the truth about their scam artist crap company trolling?

      One is very functional full fledged system that is advancing well and caters to the user. Android.

      The other is a limited app launcher that has seen some serious performance drops in the pay couple years and is nothing but bugs, app crashes, making you cater to the system. IOS.

      The entire ecosystem of iphone/ios is restrictions, laziness, lackluster, copying, thieving, over priced, overrated, socially accepted/conformed scam.

      It’s not just a simple fanboy issue.

      And the reason why people are considered isheep is because they live in completely delusion of the entire truth of it all. Defending it, denying, lying and scapegoating, then throwing all their money at apple while they laugh at you fools…. this enabling the whole thing to continue.

      The note 4 is factually proven to be better in many areas like display, camera, video, audio, battery, build, durability, speaker, performance/stability, functions.

      Better yet. Is parts cost more to use and cost more in development as well.
      But costs you the user less to buy.

  • barondebxl

    Im going with the nexus 6 this time

  • Scott Cove

    Is it really fair to compare Apples custom ‘tuned’ 64bit SoC A8 (tuned to the OS; iOS), to the Android Snapdragon? Look at how efficient the A8 is, 1810mah battery, 1 gig memory, and it easily holds its own with the 3400mah, 3 gig memory Snapdragon Android phones. Why is this? It’s a long answer but let’s just say ultra-low power, high throughput, and leave it at that. Until some Android phone manufacturer takes the time to design a unique processor, similar to the A8, running Android; compare away. Imagine comparing the A8 tuned to iOS with 3gig of memory and with a 3400mah battery; it would totally blow away any Snapdragon/android phone; it’s close now with the much lower hardware specs. This is not an Apple vs Android discussion, it’s about any processor designed to work with any OS, in a particular memory configuration. Stick to comparing all Snapdragon cell phones, then any added manufacturer benefits should become apparent.

    • Chase Benfield

      Are you trying to be serious? Do you even know what ram is? You can definitely compare Qualcomm processors to Apple’s btw and so you know, that extra 2 gigs of ram comes in handy when mutlitasking on a quad core 2.7 GHz processor. Apple is fine with a gig of ram on it’s dual core 1.4 GHz processor. What was this about hardware? You can’t argue with numbers. The only thing that makes Apple stand out is it’s OS, which is buggy at best.

      • rob

        Not sure if you have downs or just a troll cause that was terrible. Your so off its not even funny.

        • Pumpkin King

          So pointing out how illogical someone’s statement is only to be badgered by you because apparently the truth hurts you… makes them the troll for knowing the truth?

        • Chase Benfield

          Facts please sir. Should we start with simple math? Let me know where you need to start

          • rob

            Its sad that you can’t understand that hardware means shit if its not optimized with the software. Apple has less then half the hardware specs and its still runs smoother then the note 4.

          • Chase Benfield

            You’re not correct about Apple running smoother, but if you were that’s what updates are for. Hardware doesn’t matter? You still using an Apple 2 fan boy? lol

    • Pumpkin King

      Why is it people like you who have no clue what they are talking about and have zero facts Try and act like you have a clue?

      First off yeah its fair as the results show.
      The a8 is a little ahead because it’s cortex 57 cores and because ios is very limited.
      The 1800mah battery does not hold its own to most of the much better 3000+mah batteries.
      Just look at the difference of the iphone 6 and 6 plus in battery life.
      The 1gb seems fine until apps start freezing and crashing. This is due two fold to the bugs and native app crashes of ios and 1gb of ram not fully supporting 64bit regardless of what apple tells you.
      When really multi tasking that quad core and extra ram shows more muscle.

      The simple answer is ios is extremely limited and lackluster to create the illusion that it is way more fine tuned than it actually is. So running a very basic system on strong architecture SoC gives good benchmark scores.
      However the real world use with freezing, bugs, and continual lead on app crashes the performance is not where it could be and shows they are not doing all this optimizing they claim.

      And actually this part I have been saying myself for a while now.
      Imagine if it had 3400 mah battery “or even 2400”, and 3gb of ram? Add to that they actually spent the time optimizing they claimed they did and then made the SoC 1.7-2ghz quad core.
      One big reason they limit the cpu so much is not because you wouldn’t benefit from more, but because they are all about squeezing as much money out of people as possible. That and it would take a serious hit to their tiny batteries… which are also held back for better profits.

      And larger camera sensor. Yes they do great with what they have. So imagine if they applied that to a larger sensor? 12MP 1.5um, 1/1.26ish or so. I wish many companies would go for larger pixels and slightly bumped sensor size in a 12-16mp area. But at least others took some steps forward.

      So add all that in and for the first time in history iphone/ios would have a decent lead factually rather than it just being exhaustively exaggerated fanboy denial.
      And it could way more actually be considered worth it’s price tag.

      But alas they are more about giving you outdated everything with a few updated things to keep the illusion going and then charging you vastly more for it in comparison.

      The Note 4 had been proven better in almost every way, uses more expensive parts that add well cost more in development, and costs you less to buy.

      • Scott Cove

        Clearly having an expert like you visit these forums is beneficial to us all. Perhaps some day the light will turn on, but this is up to you, and your education on efficient, low power, SoC design. Terms like SIMD, VLIW, and PARALLELISM should be researched and understood. Custom SoC designs use these terms to increase throughput, while lowering clock speeds, thus saving power. Then you may write again with other opinions.

        • Pumpkin King

          Sorry. I gave facts in response to misleading in for and called it out.
          Not my fault that makes you and others butthurt

          • Wrong

            You can be as wrong as you want, no but is hurt.

          • Pumpkin King

            Obviously if you are complaining, denying, and attacking me over the truth then you are very butthurt.
            You can twist all you like. The facts still remain.
            Troll again?

  • Will_It_Bend

    Owwww, You forgot to mention iPhone is now fully customizable! Even the geometry!

  • Q

    The IPhone 6 Plus is a smartphone with tablet features. Note 4 is a PC with smartphone features. Two totally different world’s.

  • rmleloup

    Been reading this sideways article.

    SN4 beats the IP6/6P. Easily in speds, tech options etc.

    As for the “benchmarks”. Almost all are remotely managed, and cannot provide reasonable determined scores. You need a closed room, server in same room hosting the same tests. And have each phone independently boot up fresh each time, and test said benchmark alone. That is it, minimal impact, no internet, local wifi ac, and a server. Best of the best, most equal stability. Note 4 will win period. Not a plausable, but a fact. Enjoy

  • JB

    I switch from Apple to Android every 5 to 6 months… iP4 & 4S, GS3, iP5, HTC One M7, iP5S, GS5 and now iP6+

    I enjoy both platforms for different reasons. But I hold Apple closer to my heart than Samsung or any other Android phones. Apple will always have that instant familiarity and simplicity, and Androids are great for customization. Apple has a more premium feel with its design and hardware. Just coming from a GS5, I am having way less reception problems, more fluid interface, less crashing in apps and lag, TouchID works one million times better than the GS5’s fingerprint scanner and with Apple Watch coming soon……… I’m confident in saying I probably won’t be seeing another Android device for a long while…

    Note 4 looks crazy sexy (my dad just picked his up yesterday and loves it) but I still stand by my iP6+

    • Pumpkin King

      Sounds more like bad luck. App lbs have been consistently proven to crash more on ios by a very large margin for years. IOS 7 had as much app crashes as Android gingerbread.
      And technically android is more simple unless you user the extra functions. IOS had more jumbled settings.

      And the premium feel is subjective.
      And you can’t say that while you or others might not consider the S5 back “premium” that it was not crazy comfortable to the touch or nice and rugged.

  • Bats

    I have both, iPhone 6 plus and note 4.
    The note 4 is dominant on its productivity.
    S PEN? it’s like the magic wand.

  • Pumpkin King

    Oh god. I love how is always claimed that IOS is supposedly easier to use. And Android is for more advanced users.

    Meanwhile android leafs in both. In basic function they are fairly similar. Until you add in that IOS has more jumbled settings and restricted to iTunes. Where as Android’s settings are more direct.
    And if you want to use the more advanced settings you can. If you don’t want to you don’t have to.
    However despite how it’s lead to believe that it’s very hard to user other functions of Android. .. if you can use the phone you can over time adapt without much problem.

    Simply put. Android just does more and actually simpler in some ways.

  • Pumpkin King

    Lol! Apple ahead in performance??

    You mean more crashes and freezes?
    And the note 4 matches and beats the i6 in many speed tests.
    What do you expect from an apple site though?

    • rob

      More freezes haha. Where do you pull this crap from. Android has way more crashes then apple. Yes its ahead in performace. Its a faster device its optimized.

      • Chase Benfield

        Go away troll

      • Pumpkin King

        So you never used either. Why are you even here then?
        Some of use actually use both and know what we are talking about.
        Troll again?

  • Pumpkin King

    Simply put. The Note 4 is the overall best device there is right now. Just fact. You might prefer something else and that’s fine. But truth is truth.

    And while the i6 might do things a tad faster Android is much more efficient and stable with way more functions.
    The G3 and definitely the Nexus 6 are much better overall devices.

  • jmac731976

    It is easy, I have had both. The best product hands down is the iPhone. It is not buggy, the apps work, it interfaces well with my other Apple products. It just works. My Android experience ended when I had to do a battery pull before making a 911 call for an accident I witnessed. iPhones do not have removable batteries because you do not need removable batteries. However, if you like the Android phones, then get them. Not sure why there is so much hate by them. If Android/Samsung ever makes a product that is better than Apple, then I will start using that. I am not faithful to Apple at all, I am faithful to what is best now and IMO, Samsung is still not there.

  • Mark

    Well i have used the galaxy note 1 since late 2011 it was the king then and is still now. Its time now to trade in and get the note 4. I wouldnt even look at the iphone sideways, its like a childs toy to me. In late 2011 apple and its customer base laughed when i was useing thhis device, but 3 years later after apple says its ok to have a larger phone the i brigade said ok. Meanwhile for 3 years i was laughing at that toy like iphone. Cmon a device that still cant send all its files even music to a flash drive is a joke. This way apple ties you into there system only. Where now i can send movies pics and music to nan in the post and she puts it in her telly or pc, how simple to have this universal thing when apple just want you not to have this convience! With apple they dont like to share with other devices this is the main reason i use the note as i can send pdfs and designs straight to a usb flash drive and give to client without all the headaches of an idevice!

  • deria

    I really want 5 to my family