iTunes posts $4.6 billion in revenue for Q4 2014, with over 85b App Store downloads


Hot on the heels of officially announcing their Q4 2014 quarterly earnings, Apple has shed some light on the finer details for iTunes.

During their conference call following the official public release regarding the fourth quarter 2014 earnings, Apple officially shared details for iTunes, its revenue, and the apps that it has moved since their last report in July of this year. First and foremost, Apple’s focus on the App Store within iTunes has helped the company continue to rake in large sums, and that trend continues into the fourth quarter of 2014.

With a result of $4.6 billion, this marks Apple’s best quarter for iTunes ever. To compare to last year, Apple announced a $2 billion in revenue. Last quarter, Apple reported a $4.5 billion in revenue for iTunes. What’s more, Apple also revealed a total of $18 billion in total revenue for the year 2014, which compares to the $16 billion in total revenue for 2013.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook offered that Apple’s growth year-over-year grew 36 percent, compared to the fourth quarter 2013. The cumulative downloads for apps within the App Store has reached over 85 billion, which is impressive considering that’s a 10 billion increase since July, 2014.