New in OS X Yosemite: Today Widgets in Notification Center

notification center today widgets yosemite

OS X Yosemite will be launching this month, possibly as early as this week, and one feature we’re looking forward to is Today widgets.

Just like iOS 8, OS X Yosemite also supports Today widgets, where you can quickly scan through information from various apps at one place. The Notification Center now features two sections at the top: Today and Notifications. The Notifications section has all your notifications, while the Today section contains an over view of your day along with widgets.

Clicking on the edit button at the bottom slides out another panel, with options to add, delete or rearrange widgets.

notification center edit

(Image via Macworld)

OS X Yosemite comes with 9 preinstalled widgets: Today and Tomorrow Calendar, Reminders, Weather, Stocks, World Clock, Calculator, Social, and Calendar. Some of these widgets are interactive as well.

OS X is no stranger to widgets — we’ve long had HTML/JavaScript based widgets in Dashboard, and it continues to exist in Yosemite, but it isn’t hard to tell that Apple obviously considers Today widgets the future.

I’ve found Today widgets on iOS 8 very useful, and I’m hoping that these widgets would be similarly useful on OS X as well. In current OS X versions, I end up opening the Notification Center way too less, but with more useful information available there, I’m sure I’ll end up using it much more.

What do you think about the new Today widgets in OS X Yosemite? Let me know in the comments below.