Pangu iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 Jailbreak released [Updated]

Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 8 - iOS 8

We’ve some great news for jailbreakers. The Pangu team has just released a jailbreak for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1, making it the first jailbreak released for iOS 8 or later.

According to the website Pangu8 will work with all the iOS 8 – 8.1 compatible devices:

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s
  • iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2
  • iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, 1st gen iPad mini
  • 5th generation iPod touch

This would make Pangu8, the first jailbreak for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which went on sale last month. It is currently available only for Windows. The Mac version will be released soon.

Pangu team has provided the following details on their website:

  • Preparations for jailbreak.

Backup before using pangu jailbreak tool. Although this tool is tested successfully on most devices, we still hope you backup your data to avoid data loss. Please turn off the screen password lock and close the “find my iPhone” feature in the iCloud settings before jailbreak.

  • the firmware upgraded via OTA may cause failure.

The firmware upgraded via OTA will have a lot of influence factors. If you have several failed attempts, Please try to download the latest firmware and restore your iOS devices. In addition, Pangu (iOS 8) tool now add a function to restore iOS devices and execute automatic activation, you can try click the jailbreak button after restoring, and Pangu will automatically activate your device and do jailbreak.

  • “Storage capacity is almost full.”?

This is because the jailbreak program will write important files into the system directory and cause alarm, it will not affect the result. When the Cydia be compatible, click on the Cydia will launch the directory moving process.

  • About afc2?

Because Apple made a lot of adjustments to the system, you cannot use afc2 plug-ins at present.

  • Do not delete “”

Do not delete “”, otherwise it will cause system failure.

  • Processing method of jailbreak failure

Please enable the Airplane mode and close Wifi and then try to jailbreak, or if not successful, please restart your devices and then try. If it still fails, please use the Pangu restore function and jailbreak again.

You can download Pangu jailbreak for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 from our download page.

Download Pangu Jailbreak

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Update 1:

Please note that it does not install Cydia by default. Pangu team has provided the following reasons for not including Cydia (please note the details are machine translated so some of the content may sound weird):

Special Note

1 Why did Cydia

Because of the many changes iOS8 system, Cydia and many plug-dependent Substrate framework can not be used in iOS8. So we provide developers need some basic plug-in such as environment and SSH version 1.0 jailbreak, the convenience Cydia authors and other developers as soon as possible for iOS8 modify their code. After the completion of compatible Cydia, we will release updates to integrate Cydia. So, Pangu jailbreak (iOS8) version 1.0 is ready for strict jailbreak developer version.

2 should now jailbreak

Due to the existence of life-cycle escape, no way of knowing when Apple will block loopholes. So you can first escape, and so after the completion of compatible Cydia, you can download and install Cydia via Pangu APP phone, or via SSH and other channels can also be installed. In addition, PP assistant jailbreak version is also perfectly compatible with iOS8 system to facilitate user to download and install software.

So they’re saying that this is a jailbreak strictly for developers so they can update Cydia and jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 8.

It may be prudent to wait before jailbreaking your device with Pangu jailbreak for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1, however if you do give it a try then let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Update 2:

We’re getting reports that the download link is not working. It looks like their servers are struggling with the surge in traffic.

Update 3:

Pangu team had taken down Pangu 8 v1.0.0, but v1.0.1 is now out with bug fixes and can be downloaded from this link.

Update 4:

Should you jailbreak your iOS 8 or iOS 8.1 device with Pangu 8?

Update 5:

Cydia for iOS 8 is now available, but you need to manually install it.

➤ How to install Cydia on iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 after using Pangu Jailbreak

Update 6:

➤ How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1 – iOS 8 using Pangu


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  • 🙂 I’m too happy about this but i have 8.0.2 ipad should i upgrade to 8. before Jail Break and how to create backup before jail break and save somewhere else and i i don’t like jail break can i reverse to original? More what is the Windows and Mac version?

    • Christopher Smith

      You should update because iOS 8. 1 give bug fixes and if they release a update that patches the jailbreak then you’ll won’t be able to of you do not have the one before that update

  • Wow, those Pangu guys waste no time.

    • Nick Bro

      They are the best!

    • after iOS 7x jailbreak, most of us trust them now… Nothing happened with users having iOS 7x jailbroken devices.

    • Just wait for few weeks… the jailbreak will be ready with all of its IMP features.

  • Lefty

    I’m still not upgrading beyond iOS 7, until someone gets a chance to look at how much more “secure” iOS 8 is, and whether or not Apple’s claim that encryption is in fact stronger is verified by multiple sourcces. Something tells me that if Pangu released on day 2 of 8.1 being out, then I’m better off with what I’ve got.

    What’s the only added benefit? Healthkit? SWIFT? Whatever.

    • Duston Foster
      • Lefty

        I’m willing to bet it’s a huge disappointment on the 4S. Call me stuck in my ways, but I don’t see anything that I would use there. I just see more trendy integration things for cross platform cloud use that I don’t touch anyway.

        • Duston Foster

          I was going to go on and on defending IOS 8…Never mind though.I could barely handle IOS 7 on the 4s!!

          • Lefty

            Yeah, but there’s a vast difference. iOS 7 on the 4S has aged like a fine wine. Whereas iOS 8 on the 4S is like what Microsoft did with Windows 7 & 8. It’s just really not worth the upgrade, and I don’t want my phone to become so ridiculously slow that I have to upgrade to maintain efficiency.

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The day my phone crashes and I have to install iOS 8 is the day I sell it and buy an HTC.

    • Augure

      iOS 8 is exactly WHAT will make your phone less secure because it’s easy and more discrete for agencies to steal your infos without you noticing. HOWEVER jailbreaking IS the only way to patch these backdoors and encrypt your iPhone down below so that it is more secure, anonymous and private.

  • Mdmd1980

    I am on ios 7.1.2 iphone 5s. My question is can I update to ios 8.1 now?

    • Erick121

      In my opinion update to 8.1 THROUGH iTunes and wait a little perhaps a few days till all the bugs and everything gets figured out keep in mind a lot of tweaks won’t work but update now just in case apple released a new update that blocks this

      • MikeG

        I updated 8.1 OTA…why is it necessary to update THROUGH iTunes?

        • Sam

          It isn’t necessary, I updated OTA before and managed to jailbreak my iPhone 5S without any issues. I even managed to install Cydia and a lot of tweaks are compatible. Things are getting updated slowly !

    • Waleed

      you should update to 8.1 right now! and wait for next pangu 8 version with integradet Cydia in it! as there is no cydia with current version! i am asking u to update because apple could patch the jailbreak with next update and u wont be able to restore to 8.1 or less! so get the chance! i am sure jailbreak will be out soon with cydia

    • Donot update and do the Jailbreak would be my suggestion. In case a public English release of the Pangu8 tool releases, just update and jailbreak again! (Have an 8.1 iOS version .ipsw file before you do so 🙂 )

  • Mahmoud

    But it on chines language only

  • Can anyone confirm or deny that Cydia is not installed with this release of Pangu?

    • DWayne Robinson

      Pangu team has already stated that cydia will not be installed.. so this will give you access to your root files only so that if you know what you are doing you can add cydia via SSH

  • ok

    good job pangu!

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Yes OMG this is so awesome! Keep us posted about the Mac version, can’t wait! Already wanted to update until I read that only Windows is supported for now. :/

  • Safal Jung Kc

    Jailbreak tool in the development of foreign hackers monopoly for many years, we want to do is very simple, is to let the world know that China also has top technical talent! well said team pangu!

    i am waiting for the updates and i will download pangu!

  • Kashi


  • akram emam

    Download link is not working!

    • jrh

      tru not working

  • Viktor Krypto Mapete

    link not working, whats this? a joke?

    • jrh

      The shit was up, but in chinish , the link is gone, and i cant jailbreak my iphone whit that Tool?

  • Alan

    You can use this download link if you’ve problems downloading:

    • Phu Nguyen

      did u jailbreak ur idevice?

    • Thanks Alan!

      • Guest

        no cydia? what to do? and what’s this?

    • Thanks Alan!

    • John Agnew

      so popular and causing so much traffic that the link has been disabled, thanks though Alan.

    • oops, seems like disabled again, Alan. 🙁
      If you can, please post it once again. 🙂

  • pangu ?

    my device is not recognized !

    • pangu ?

      ( iphone 4s not recognized ios 8.0.2 )

  • Rob Madden

    my ipod touch 5g is not reconized.

    • Jonathan Talbot

      Hey i have the same problem :'( did u find a solution?

      • Aman

        Hey! I found a solution. Just plug in your iPhone to your iTunes then just update your iPhone with the respected ipsw file! Read again : UPDATE not RESTORE. Cheers!

  • josh

    any one have luck jailbreaking Ios 8,1 whit this Tool ?

  • jack

    where did the link go?

  • Apple Mania

    the dropbox link has been disabled

  • Diego

    They should release the cydia soon before apple release new 8.1.1 and kill the spoilers.
    I think I will go update to 8.1 and jailbreak, apple may release the new version and we lost jailbreak again.

    • Erick121

      apple took a while last time to release patch but everyone should definitely update to ios 8.1 THROUGH itunes if they want an ios 8 jailbroken device

  • Apple Mania

    if and when i get a copy, think i will wait till an English version is out and compatible with OSX 10.10. After what happened with Pangu’s first release for iOS 7 with all that malware and other files installed which was quickly pointed out to remove…. But excellent work to the Pangu Team.

    • john dow

      works fine

      • Apple Mania

        i understand it works fine, but still think ill wait for a full English version and Mac version.

  • trolle

    i downloadet the Tool, dont Work fake

    • Rob Madden

      Its not fake they pulled it from the site to work on a few bugs with it. This is the offical Pangu site it has been released. Just because it dont work right now don’t mean it’s fake. You better trust Pangu because Evasi0n team is done for. They said they are tired of jailbreaking.

  • jb

    find the pangu fb page, there are multiple downloadlinks active!

  • Erick121

    UPDATE pangu has released a new version of there jailbreak im downloading now version 1.0.1 link now works on the website

    • Erick121

      jailbreaking right now

      • Guest

        halfway done

      • Guest


      • vin

        nothing happens… I can´t click the button… can you help me?

    • vin

      does it work for carrier unlock?

  • iSoul

    links updated on pangu site for for v 1.0.1 go out get urselves JB

  • jonas

    <3 PANGU!

  • Erick121

    Phone is now jailbroken

    • Kashi3e11

      how to get this pangu app??

      • Erick121

        It automatically installs after you jailbreak just download uncheck PP and click blue and just wait

        • Kashi3e11

          ok ty..

          • Kashi3e11

            is cydia working??

          • Erick121

            No as it said its for developers only but with that pangu app you can install Cydia after you install openssh

          • Kashi3e11

            can you give me tutorial plz?? 🙁

          • Erick121

            Sorry I haven’t done it yet I rather wait Cydia not gonna work well anyway it’s better to wait till it’s ready for everyone which shouldn’t be so long at all probably

          • Kashi3e11

            ok!! 🙂 thnx

    • shaban

      ago what do


    I am uploading the new pangu 8 1.0.1 on sendspace. I will post the link, as soon as the upload finishes

  • chris

    Hail for Great China our new master!

  • chris

    Evasion must be so pissed off! lol

    • Augure

      They deserved it, these pretentious twats who made us wait 6 month until there’s not point of using your new hardware or software, because “meh, It’ll come when it’ll come”, “meh I don’t know I’m waiting muuhh”.

  • Josh

    How long did it take?

    • Erick121

      Took me 5 minutes it does download stuff so could depend on your Internet speed

      • The tool has been blocked by my ISP or it is inaccesible by me. 🙁
        can you upload one to cloud and provide with a link. 🙂

  • Erick121

    Bug I’ve found so far is you can only send a picture in messages by clicking photo library or take a picture if you click on those recent pictures that show they won’t send

  • jr

    when i try to jailbreak it, its say something about icloud? any one know?

    • Erick121

      Did u turn off find my iphone

  • Shaham

    Just jail broke my IP5S and it went very smooth and I must say the tool was in Chinese but I was bit familiar with last jail break I did and it was in Chinese. Another thing I noticed was this jail break utility used the partitions method to jail break the device. I now have a Pangu icon installed on phone and it has mixed blend of tweaks and tools for future updates for Cydia to come. Cheers

  • Røhiť Máţhůř

    So i can upgrade to ios 8 and jailbreak it (let me know and all ios 7.1.2 jailbreak app will work on it or not:)

    • Erick121

      You haven’t read anything have you

  • I don’t know if I trust these jailbreaks now though. I’d rather have the reg. dudes take care of this stuff, not foreign hackers. Seems incredibly risky. No?

  • Chetan

    what is this?

    • shubham

      same problem

      • waye

        me too, did you get past this

  • Trevor Sone

    does this jailbreak enable carrier unlock , as read few articles last few day , saying something along the lines of an unlock feature ?

  • Kratos

    I wonder what are those Pangu bashers and doubters from the 7.0-7.1 and 8.0 are going to say now? Telling that Pangu are burning jailbreaks blah blah and only follows those previously known dev group. Hah!!!!

  • Trapp

    I’m sorry – it’s Windows application for jailbreaking Apple iOS device. I don’t get it! About 90% of iphone users owns and uses mac. So why PC? Thanks but no thanks.

    • Augure

      Probably because they mainly use PC to hack, but they’ll release the Mac version in a few days like they did with previous jailbreak.

    • Guest

      I own both an iPhone and iPad but still use a PC. I can’t afford $2000 for a laptop, I also don’t need all the features and capabilities a Mac offers. A cheaper pc suits my needs just fine, but for mobile OS I prefer iOS. Not every Apple fan is a “fanboy” that owns only apple products.

  • Trapp

    Also, ffs, Chineese? Come on guys…

  • Xian

    i have jailbroken my ios 8.1 but openSSh is not being installed where is cydia? someone please help!!

  • shubham

    please help me i am getting a error

    • juke

      this is because you don’t have chinses code yet. just go to the setting- control panel and choose your location as mainland china and set up of chinses simplified as one of you computer lanuage(not display lanuage, if you don;t understand Chinese)

      • juke

        and it will show as Chinese not these messy
        codes and you can use google or other translator to know the meaning. actually I think if u continue click the blue button in the middle would all fine and no need to let the application show what it is

        • shubham


          • latint81

            Make sure you disable find my phone and you have also disabled the lock and the finger print =)

  • No reason to Jailbreak… No Cydia No Apps, No Tweaks! :-/ is this some kind of joke?

    • Daniel Jones

      learn work arounds or to program and stop riding coattails

    • Guest

      It’s explicitly stated its for developers to fix their apps and tweaks before the public release of English and Mac versions so that when they do publicly release it there’s actually a purpose to it.
      But I guess it’s too difficult to read what pangu themselves and this and just about every other article about it is saying.

  • Licker

    WIndows only…

  • Pangu team has released v1.0.1 which includes bug fixes, so they removed v1.0.0. We’ve updated the link on our download page. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

  • jammi

    jailbreake my phone now its death

    • Augure

      ? Restore it. Hoping you SAVED a copy before.

  • gaucho

    thank you

  • feifei~

    hi guys. I think you may want to wait until they got the english version. The wired marks show up is because PCs without Chinese language installed are not able to support to display the words in Chinese…………..

  • mumse

    i cot cydia working all is great, perfekt thanks, mice to have laites Ios and jailbreak great job

  • Me

    So when will cydia be ready ? If there even is going to be one ?

  • Bourne

    So now who can insult of chink power ???

  • vin

    does it work for carrier unlock??

  • KarwanGhaffari

    they are soooooo fast we talk about chines people hhhh

  • Jax

    Hey guys you show on error then off your find my phoan function and off your passcode function then try 100% worked

  • Adolf Hitler

    Awesome! What a hard working team!

  • manmademat

    So I’m getting what I’m guessing is an error…. where the process gets stuck. Of course i can’t read it….

    Unsure what the problem is. Followed the steps. tried unticking the box.

    Phone is on airplane mode. TouchID + Passcode + Icloud all disabled.

    Any ideas?

    • manmademat


  • kEy

    If i have jail break my iphone 4s ios 8.1, is there any option for me to downgrade to IOS 6 or 7?

  • Mac Smokeyg Baca

    I’m having trouble downloading the deb files can someone give a Derect download link please

  • Ben

    i have the same problem with it saying something about the touch id and I don’t know how to get past it. can someone help pls

  • ouch

    please help me i keep on getting an error in red below the “????TouchID????” line right after clicking the blue jailbrake button. it just gives a lil progress and stops right away. please someone??

  • SN

    Could this be used to roll back to IOS7?

  • sahilahmade

    hi i want to jailbreack my iphone 5 but it shows error in step 3.4 plz how to sove it .

  • this is good, but ill wait for it to be great

  • Guy at work

    Anyone help?

    • Headless Demon

      ok, if you have disabled find my iphone, your passcode and put your phone on flight mode and still failing. try turning the phone off and on again. worked for me.

  • Thomas

    I need help when i get cydia and it does it’s thing when i reboot again it gets stuck on the apple logo

  • mobiIevids

    Damn my girl effin updated my iPhone to iOS 8.1 and this new jailbreak isn’t working for me. She says by accident “okay, accident my @ss”. I need to figure out how to downgrade back to iOS 7.1.2 so I can jailbreak again and get the bigU Movies app from Cydia from xsellize repo or insanelyi repo. I was just using the bigU Movies app yesterday and I already downloaded the movies Fury, Dracula Untold, Annabelle, Gone Girl, The Equalizer, The Maze Runner, A Walk Among the Tombstones, No Good Deed and Guardians of the Galaxy. I planned to start watching them today and this happens. lmao, I can’t believe my girl did this crap to me. I guess I bite the bullet on this one. Once I jailbreak again she is not coming near my damn iPhone. lol

  • Mike Palomba

    Just a tip for anyone. I tried to do this jailbreak and it failed before it even started so I assumed it hadn’t mad any changes to the phone. Later I went to send a picture to a friend and all of my 2000 pictures had been deleted. Luckily I had backed them up before I tried to jailbreak. So if you’re looking to try this jailbreak back up everything on your phone.

    Device: iPhone 6 64GB
    Carrier: T-Mobile

  • vinod

    is it works for activation iphone 4s

  • Lulumvp

    I tried to restore my iPhone after I jail broke it and it won’t let me. I keep getting an error message.

  • dec

    je ne trouve pas

  • Greg Tuti

    will this work on a non activated device? (not icloud llocked) but needs sim!!!! what do i do?? because sprint is an asshole and wont even let me buy one without having a line with them

  • Louis Darmawan

    my ipad always restart after jailbroken several times maybe while playing game
    ,, is this jailbreak still not perfect?? or is there something wrong with mine only??

  • Louis Darmawan

    after jailbroken ,, my device always reboot by itself,, anyone have the same problem?? is this jailbreak still not perfect?? or something??

  • Becka

    I just updated to the ios8 and jailbreak and seems all fine and all of a sudden it will crash and restart, why?

  • Becka

    I just updated to te new jailbroken ios8.1 now it keeps crashing. Why?

    • Done easily but i it is not like i was thinking JB is not a big deal and not a worthy as much they are thinking can anyone tell me which are the biggest advantages of Jailbreak???

  • Sito

    Would be awesome if u could jailbreak without using a computer,… Pangu is still amazing!

  • ad

    i just downloaded to ios 8.2 how do i go back down?

  • Jasper the Casper

    im 8.1.1 how do i do this?

  • newuser

    hello. i want to know the status of jailbreaking. ios8.0 on ip6. is it stable enough? no harm? no brick? is it safe?

  • nitithat

    unable to get jailbreak resources ? anyone have solution HELP ME PLS 🙁