Aeternum brings the Apple Watch home screen to iPhone

apple watch iphone home screen

The Apple Watch has a home screen that is radically different from the iPhone. Although both show app icons, the iPhone shows roundrect app icons in a rectangular grid, while the Apple Watch shows circular icons in a diagonally aligned grid, with icons becoming smaller as they move farther away from the center.

We’ve already seen a prototype of the Apple Watch interface on the iPhone, but Aeternum is a new jailbreak tweak that isn’t a prototype, and actually applies the Apple Watch interface to the iPhone home screen.

Apple Watch apps

The icons grow bigger or smaller depending on their position on the screen, labels hide or unhide depending on available space, and pressing the home button brings you right at the center of the screen, with the Spotlight search button in focus. You can pinch to zoom out, and get a birds-eye view of the home screen, and tapping on any app launches it with a nice circular animation.

Here’s a video demo:

The tweak can be configured through its Settings panel, with options to enable or disable the dock, show app names, etc. There’s also an option to change the circular icons to pentagons, but that doesn’t looks as good.

You can rearrange the home screen by pressing an holding on an icon, after which they start rotating about themselves. Then you can group them into clusters based on your preference.

Aeternum is available for $2.99 from the Cydia Store. Let us know what you think of the tweak in the comments below.

If you haven’t jailbroken your iOS device yet, check out our guide for the step-by-step instructions:

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  • iBTC

    What an awful interface.

    • C0C0tva

      I agree. Taking a design element for a 1-2 in screen and thinking it will work on a 5-6 in screen is why they have design schools. To teach you not to do that…

  • Patrick

    It’s not bad especially with the activator set up for triple home button press, it goes right back to normal.

  • BlckBurn12

    Does it Work with ios 7….. iphone 4s >>>??????

  • Tom

    It reminds me of a theme that came out last year where it looked like a galaxy or something and you could do clusters as well.

    • Roger Caron

      I think you’re talking about NextGenUI. Awful app and a complete waste of money.

  • jobcoombz

    I installed it but It doesn’t appear on the activator list and when I triple click home nothing happens except the multitask screen, help?

  • CMaderaTM

    Can’t get this to run

    • Stephen O’Neill

      might be because its a hacked version ? but iam not sure

  • Sal

    Not working on 4S running iOS 8.1

    • BenjaminGecaj192

      same here

      • Arturo Polanco

        if u have springtomize 3 remove it, its not compatible.

  • Steve Heller

    I would not be mad if this gets the default layout for iOS9 – I really like it!

  • pains way

    does this support iphone4 ?

  • esenes

    “Size Mismatch”error

  • JAG

    This is a great springboard tweak but the functionality for me takes a little getting used to. I’m used to the normal springboard divided into pages and all my apps are in the same place all the time. I know where to go to find what I need. With this app, since the springboard can be manipulated in all directions and the icons sometimes disappear into a small dot with no labels, I sometimes found myself hunting around for an app I wanted. I have managed to rearrange the icons most used around the spotlight app which gets centered on the page with the press of the home button, but that then leaves me to position all the other apps around somewhere. I suppose it is just like having to relearn where everything is. On a few occasions, I came across a few glitches like apps crashing or jittery/laggy scrolling around, but, overall, this is a great springboard tweak. I’m using an iP6 on 8.1.

  • Arturo Polanco

    how u hide ur dock? or the line of ur dock

  • Frozen

    i also got the same problem. not working on my 6+ iOS 8.1.

  • David Bannerman

    It don’t understand why anyone would use this terrible interface. Exploding every single app icon out of folders, makes it a confusing mess. Then again I am practical and I am sure there are others that will love it.

  • G Snotherly

    I tried the free tweak and couldn’t get it to work no matter how many times I reinstalled it or pushed the home button. Then bought it from big boss and still nothing. Finally tried to reinstall the activator button and it works fine now. I like it but would be nice if the clock worked and the live weather icon worked. Iphone 5 and 8.1, and it works fine with springtomize 3

  • Luke

    Anyone know where i can get that exact wallpaper he has?

    • Cody

      Here ya go

  • hamed

    it dosent work(i download from bigboss).my activator dont show aeternum hide/show toggle.please help me tanx

  • hamed