FaceTime and iMessage rank highest in ‘most secure mass-market messaging options’

image EFF messaging security scorecard

Security is more important these days than ever before, it seems, and smartphones play a huge role in that ongoing conversation. According to a new report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), two of Apple’s proprietary applications rank as the most secure when compared to competitor apps.

In a new report that was recently published by the EFF, which investigates the security of a wide assortment of popular messaging applications available in various digital marketplaces, both iMessage and FaceTime garnered the highest marks in security. However, they both leave room for improvement, as made evident by the EFF’s scorecard as seen above. The EFF compared each app against the same seven different factors:

  • Is a message encrypted in transit?
  • Is it encrypted so the provider is unable to read it?
  • Can you verify contacts’ identities?
  • Are past communications secure if keys are stolen?
  • Is the code open to independent review?
  • Is security design properly documented?
  • Has the code been audited?
  • Apple’s iMessage managed to gain five checkmarks out of the seven total. The areas where iMessage failed were identifying a contact’s identity, and whether the code that runs the app is open to independent review. FaceTime was scored with the same seven factors in consideration, and, unsurprisingly, wasn’t able to gain checkmarks in those same aforementioned categories, while still managing to earn five badges.

    In the end, the EFF noted that Apple’s FaceTime and iMessage are the best when it comes to “mass-market messaging options.” In mid-September Apple launched a dedicated section of its website to focus on privacy and security, which has become a strong focal point for the Cupertino-based company as of late.

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