Google working on Google Calendar iPhone app with Gmail integration, easy event creation and more

google calendar 2

Google today released a redesigned Calendar app for Android devices, that is based on its new Material Design language, and comes with a bunch of new features including Gmail integration for automatic event creation, easy event entry and more.

The app automatically schedules events for flight tickets, concerts, hotel reservations based on emails in your Gmail inbox, complete with data like flight numbers and check in times. These events will also be updated if your flight gets reschedules, or your reservation gets updated.

We’re big fans of Fantastical’s natural language event creation, and Google is bringing a similar input method to the new Calendar app. The system, called “Assist” lets you create events using natural language, and gives you intelligent suggestions for people, places and events.

google calendar 1

There’s also a new Schedule view that gives you a timeline of the next few days, along with maps, illustrations, photos, based on the type of event.

Google is releasing Google Calendar for Android, and is working on an iPhone version, that we hope comes out soon.

[via Google]