2011 MacBook Pro GPU issues class-action lawsuit filed in Canada

image 2011 MBP GPU issue

The 2011 MacBook Pro has had a lot of issues for many owners over the years, mainly focused on issues with the GPU. That led to petitions and class-action lawsuits in the United States.

Now, according to a report published by 9to5Mac, a similar class-action lawsuit has been filed against Apple, but this time in Canada. The lawsuit centers around some 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros that have an issue with the AMD graphics chip that is installed within them. The GPU causes some MacBook Pro models to suffer from graphical issues, including distortion, remaining artifacts and more.

The lawsuit was filed by the Montreal-based law firm Lex Group Attorneys, and is virtually identical to the lawsuit that was filed in the United States in late October of this year.

Apple has remained quiet on the legal issues with the 2011 MacBook Pro, and more than likely it will remain that way for quite some time.

[via 9to5Mac]

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