Apple rolls out ‘Start something new’ campaign on its Homepage [Updated]

Apple New Year - Start something new

Apple has just rolled out the “Start something new” campaign on the homepage highlighting individuals who are using its various products in their day-to-day life to create new content and inspire people around them.

Aside from highlighting the iPhone 6 Plus, iMac, iPad Air 2 and other Apple devices, the Cupertino company is also highlighting the apps used by artists and photographers to create the beautiful content on their device. The list includes some popular apps like VSCO Cam, Brushes 3, Slow Shutter and more.

Apple Japan Let's Start Something New

The list of artists and photographers highlighting their work include travel photographer Austin Mann, Brazil-born photographer Marcelo Gomes, and artist Roz Hall. Apple also highlights some of its own apps and features of its devices, including Photo Booth, FaceTime, Final Cut Pro, iMessage, burst mode on iPad Air 2 and more.

The work highlighted by Apple on the website is truly stunning and shows what its devices are capable of achieving when they are in the right hands and are paired with the right apps.

Apple will be holding its annual “Lucky Bag” promotion in Japan this year as well on January 2nd. The company’s “Lucky Bag” promotion is extremely popular among Japanese consumers, which is basically a gift bag filled with various Apple products and is available in limited quantities for only 36,000 Yen.

Update (December 31st):

After initially rolling out in Japan couple of days back, Apple has just updated its homepage ( with the “Start something new campaign.”

Thanks Stan for the tip!